Best practice on using computer for work

img Yosefine BukitVista | September 14, 2023

User account

  • Use your own account instead of generic account (for security)


  • Log in to apps using your own [] account, sign up if you don’t have one

Google Chrome

  • Use separate window to log in to different account



  • Use smallest size
  • Auto hide


  • Uncheck the one you don’t need (most of them)
  • This will improve computer speed

External display

  • Set the arrangement according to the physical position of the display

Auto correction

  • Turn off auto correction, but pay attention to your spelling, example:


  • Use cmd+shift+4 to take a screenshot
  • Use cmd+shift+5 to take screenshot using Skitch so you can add notes and marks
  • Use cmd+W to close application window (tab on Chrome)
  • Combination
    • Use cmd+shift+click on Chrome tabs
    • Use cmd+W to close selected tabs
  • Use cmd+Q to close the app
  • Use cmd+L to highlight url on Chrome (if you want to type something on search bar)
  • Use cmd+shift+M to switch between user on Chrome
  • Use cmd+space to use spotlight search
  • Press M on Appear to mute/unmute your mic


  • 4 fingers swipe left or right to switch between desktops
  • 4 fingers swipe up to see all window in the desktop
  • Pinch to zoom in and out
  • Pinch thumb and all fingers to show Launchpad
  • 2 fingers swipe from right to left to check notifications


Remote assistance

You can request a remote assistance if you need access or advanced setting

+Giving access using Chrome Remote Desktop

Finder sidebar

Drag folders that you often need to find to the sidebar for quick access

Split screen

If you need to compare something in one screen

Move screenshot out from Desktop to Pictures

Compare listings

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