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img Jey Bukitvista | September 14, 2023
ServiceVisionaryUpper ManagementEfficiency through Tech Knowledge ManagementStrategist EffectivenessSub ManagementOperations Executor
Service EffectivenessTeam EfficiencyPolicy & Workflow & Personal EfficiencyTeam EffectivenessEffort
InspirationImplementation & InspectionInventionInvention / InspectionImplementation & InspectionImplementation
Measurement System1. Quality of Opportunity
2. Feasibility
Overall OutputOverall Input– Number of ideas
– Operation roles reduced/refined per actionable idea
– Reported Opportunities
– Reported Threats
– Impact of O/T
– Speed
– Intensity
Quality of output/workActivity per time unitQuality of activity
1. Where should we be over time?
2. What’s not really working now?
3. What does ideal look like?
Management Layer
1. Behavior Management
2. Resource Management
3. Talent Management
– Role creation
– Talent Limitation
– Talent Opportunity
– Role placement
– Delegation
– Evaluation
– Load balancing
– Scheduling
– Working Pace
– Information manager to start a data-pathway.
– Tracks past actions and keeps us from circling back.
1. Invents & Inspects systems, policies, workflows & tools
2. How to measure processes & monitor services
1. Assists Management Layer
– Supervisory on the operations level, supervising a known role
– Work activity: is the right effort being put in?
– Work quality: is the effort effective?
Implements the processes & inventions Gives/Receive feedback about broken tools, workflows or policies.
KPI Key Activity What is performance of that key activityAre we pursuing the most impactful ideas at the right time and within our potential?– Output
– Input
– Longevity Resources consumed vs performance gained.
1. Activity:
– Number of recommendations 2. QoA:
– Quality of recommendations

Features: points of efficiencies that reduce the efforts needed to complete a goal.
– Number of insights
– Quality of insights

Insight: actionable decisions that affect policy, tools, workflows that can affect performance outcome.

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