Communication culture

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  • As we are adopting remote working culture, time and space is becoming more flexible. To keep everyone productive, we optimize our style in communication by improving asynchronous communication. It means that we don’t need to be face-to-face or meet in real time.

Who to contact about what?

What about? Who to contact? Where? When? Why it’s important? How to communicate?

Team coordination

  • Proposing solution/recommendation
  • Making fast decision that will affect other team member
  • Asking clarification
  • Announcing result of a sub-discussion
  • Chapter lead/member
  • Squad lead/member
  • Slack public channel
  • Discord
Anytime Conversation between two parties need to be acknowledge by other team member if it affects the way team works. Be descriptive and clear about the reason, intention, and expected result.
Related to campaign and project
  • Plan, goals, intention
  • Difficulties, obstacle
  • Feedback
  • Asking for help
  • Documentation
  • Clients of the project
  • Current user that might be affected
  • Concerned party
  • Trello card for the project
  • Coda

Beginning of the project

  • Plans and assignment

During the process

  • Result of execution
  • Obstacles
  • Feedback
  • Milestone / due date

End of project

  • Report / conclusion
Clear information of what’s happening in the project and updates that concerns existing users. Written Documentation – THE BVSR METHOD for Analysis Updates
Related to career and self development
  • Role
  • Promotion
  • Workload
  • Salary & bonus
  • Chapter Lead
  • HR representative
  • Slack
  • Meet
  • Discord
Anytime To clarify doubts related to career in Bukit Vista Be open and vulnerable
Related to colleague
Feedback to peers
Uninspiring work environment
  • Person to person
  • Team setting
  • HR representative
  • Chapter lead
  • P2P session
  • Personal message
As soon as possible Maintain healthy work environment
Improve each other
In the spirit of helping others to become better and help themselves
Social and interpersonal communications
  • Intermezzo
  • Getting to know each other
  • Squad members
  • Chapter members
  • Outside chapter

Live meetings

  • Happy hours
  • Donut date
  • Inter chapter projects

Discord channels

Spontaneous and scheduled Build sense of belonging, avoid to feel detached from the rest Be present, make yourself available
Do it for fun

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