Daily standup (Engineering Chapter)

img Yosefine BukitVista | September 15, 2023

Meeting type: Status update meeting (only applicable to Engineering Chapter)


20 minutes


Chapter members.

Meeting style


What is a Scrum meeting?


Scrum is an agile framework that teams use to produce products/results faster by breaking large development projects into smaller pieces that can be completed in short timeframes. During sprint planning, the team reviews its campaigns and decides what items to prioritize for the next sprint. Scrum sync-ups is to review what happened during the sprint to determine what worked, what didn’t work based on the backlogs and how they can improve the process by prioritizing items during the next sprint (included as actionable).

Meeting Structure

  • Scrum Master :
    • Scrum Master will be any interns, and will be rolled for each Standup. Interns’ turn to be Scrum Master is based on the alphabetical order (e.g. if the interns are Adri, Lukman, Estu, and Adri is the Monday’s Standup Master, then Estu will be Wednesday’s Standup Master, and so on).
    • Sending reminder before the Standup starts.
    • Reviewing the updates before standup, asking follow up questions if the update is unclear.
    • Leading the Standup meeting, allowing the other team members to present their updates and everyone to give feedbacks, making sure every participant is engaged well, delegating the team member to share the meme for Standup’s ice breaking.
  • Secretary
    • Secretary will be the next Standup’s Scrum Master.
    • Sharing their screen.
    • Writing down next task (breakout, pairing, etc).

Document used

Updates are written in campaign Trello card


Standup meetings are organized based on campaigns. Scrum master will call each campaign manager to answer these questions:

  • What have you finished today?:
    • What is the result?
    • How your user are currently using it right now?
  • What is the current pending task?:
    • What have you done so far?
    • What’s need to be done next?
    • What’s the friction?
  1. What to do during Stand Up Meeting:
    a. During the Standup meeting, you can just pay attention to the others when they share their update, and share yours too when your turn has come.
    b. You can also give the feedback regarding the update of one team member after that member explain his/her update.
    c. Secretary will record your feedback (meeting plans) on the card.


Read the update
Listen to the others’ update
1 minutes/member
Feedback and answer right after the member’s update2 minutes/member

Common Rules

  • Everyone has to attend the Standup on time
  • If you can’t attend the Standup, please inform one of the team members.
  • Please keep the scope of your update explanation as simple and short as possible.


  • Have a Clear Agenda of Remote Daily Stand-up
    • Only ask the main questions
    • No discussions, only conclusion if further discussion are required after the standup
  • Time limit is 15 minutes
  • Maintain focus of the meeting: To understand what action after this meeting, whether it’s a breakout meeting, pairing, or anything else.
    • Write this on the checklist
  • Show your face
  • Standup will be held every Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday
  • Prepare a next meeting and invitation for pre-discussion to avoid long discussion during Standup.
  • During feedback, give the short and quick feedback to the other members. If it can’t, arrange a pairing or meeting with that member to discuss the feedback further.


  • Don’t let the participants ramble in the meeting
  • Don’t wait for late participants
  • Don’t introduce new goals, focus on task at hand instead. New goals will be discussed on the next breakout or chapter scrum.
  • Don’t solve the problem during standup, instead take a note or schedule a breakout.
  • Don’t give negative feedback, instead schedule for a breakout for feedback session.
  • Don’t focus solely on boss or manager, instead focus on the person presenting their update.
  • Don’t give a long feedback, instead schedule for a breakout or pairing outside of Standup if you want to give a long feedback.

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