Project management and accountability

img Yosefine BukitVista | September 13, 2023

There are a few things that we need to prepare to achieve impactful result when working on a project, read along to learn more.

When starting a new project, make sure you have all these items defined before you start:

Background story

You start with a story that brings you to this project. A good story is the one that tells us why we really need to work on this project. The story should answer these questions:

  • What is our current situation?
  • What is the ideal situation that we want to achieve?
  • Who will benefit from this project? Have you ask them if they really need it?


You list high level pain, followed by the specific pain points. Example:

  • Pain: No detailed data about employee roles
    • Impact: HR have difficulties to map role performance and visualize
    • Mitigation: Checking manually from the information gathered on Trello
    • Signal: Employee analytics are taking more time to produce

Example above tells us the pain that HR member suffer when doing one of their tasks. We will know if our project is successful if this pains are removed.


Describe what this project is related to and who will be affected. This is important since there’s probably other people dependent on this particular project to get their work done. Make sure they are aware of this project and updated regularly with the progress.

Out of scope

Describe what’s not in the scope of this project to avoid “feature creep”. We don’t want to keep adding task the scope of the project before it actually achieve the initial goal. Instead, we can put the ideas for next improvement in a list that can be followed up after the project is done.

Result criteria

Define how we will measure the success of the project. Use OKR method to track this.

  • OKRs is our effort of making sure everyone knows what’s expected of them at work. OKRs are supposed to be public so that everyone moves towards the same goals and are aware of what others are working on.
  • OKRs consist of a list of 3-5 high level Objectives. Under each Objective there should be 3-5 measurable Key Results. Each Key Result can be measured on a score of 0-100%.
  • Find out more through these resources:

Project stakeholder

List down all the parties that involved in this project. This includes:


The person who will benefit the most from this project, for example, someone from BD will benefit from Facebook marketing project

End user

Representative of a user that will implement result of this project, for example, someone from Marketing that will continue doing Facebook marketing

Product Owner / Project Leader

You. Or the person that leads a project.

Team member

Everyone that’s working on this collaboration.

Designer: [Name]

Developer: [Name]


After the project is finished, you need to deliver the result to the client. However, this is not the end. You need to make sure that the client and user are actually implement it.


Give a time for observing the implementation of your project after you hand over to the client. Make sure that the result meets your result criteria that you define in the beginning.


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