Setting up BV MacBook account for work

img Yosefine BukitVista | September 14, 2023

  1. Start with clean install
  2. Make the first computer user with “Admin BukitVista” 
  3. Log in with Apple ID for the admin user
  4. Confirmation code can be sent to these devices, please ask someone to send it to you:
    a. Other Apple device:
    – Air Support 1 iphone
    – Bali base iMac
    b. Bayu’s office phone SMS
  5. Enter password of ‘admin’s Macbook Pro’
  6. Go to Preferences>iCloud>turn off iCloud Drive
  7. Go to Users & Groups>Add user
  8. Create a standard user with format “[name] Bukit Vista” with easier password for the user
  9. Log out from admin user
  10. Log in to standard user
  11. Configure the computer depending on the user’s privilege
  12. Create Apple ID and login using that
  13. Change computer name on “Sharing4.”

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