Transport Reimbursement/Allowance

img Jey Bukitvista | September 14, 2023

✈️ Transport to/from Bali/Jogja Base Reimbursement

Most of our employees and interns are working remotely from all over the islands (or even countries), however there might be circumstances where it’s needed for them to work directly from our offices or from the employees themselves would like to pay a visit to our base.

  • In an event where the company requires the employee to work from (Bali or Jogja) base for a certain purpose (e.g. producing content, photography, partner relations, etc.) and staying for min. 1 month, then the employee is entitled for two ways transport coverage, counted from where the employee is traveling from.
    • For less than 1 month stay, one way transport coverage applies (with an exception of urgent travel for business)
  • If the employee is traveling on his/her own purpose (e.g. short holiday, personally visiting base) and is staying for min. 1 month, then the employee is entitled for one way transport coverage, counted from Bali/Jogja to their destination.

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🛵 Transport Allowance

Disclaimer: Transport allowance is exclusive to employees that are doing field work.

There are two types for this arrangement:

  • Fixed monthly allowance
    • Applies to employees who are currently doing on site work with high frequency of visits e.g. Guest Experience Supervisor, Community Management, Photographer — and using their own vehicles
      • If the employee uses company vehicle for field work, then the reimbursement-based will apply instead. This is because the company vehicle guarantees the mobility to the said employee.
  • Reimbursement-based
    • Applies to:
      • Employees that does on site work, but with less frequency e.g. Content Creator, Business Development
      • Employees that use company vehicle for on site visits
    • Coverage included: gas fees

Note. For some, this allowance may not apply as it’s build into their compensation package.


  • For the fixed monthly allowance, If the costs incurred are more that the allowance, am I allowed to request for more?
    • No, as it’s a fixed allowance, there will be no top ups allowed for the same month.
  • Is there any limit on reimbursement?
    • Max reimbursement per month is Rp 200,000 (for gas fees).
  • Does the arrangement for transport allowance is included for vehicle repairs?
    • For personal vehicle no, however for company vehicle you can submit reimbursement as usual.

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