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At Bukit Vista we have a long list of tools that we utilize that allow Bukit Vista to inspire delight – everywhere – everyone – every time. Interested to learn? 

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The Tools We Use

Purpose Tool What we use it for
Communications Slack Spontaneous instant messaging
Communications Discord Hangout for online presence and office-like pantry talks
Communications Google Meet – Quick meetings based on calendar
– Live meeting that need to be recorded
Content creation Canva Presentation, poster, social media post
Content creation Luminar AI Photo manipulation
Content creation Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop Photo editing and management
Customer relationship management BIGRR Integrated guest and reservation records
Data visualization and analytics Datavista Anyone can gain insight from the data and visualize it based on their needs
Documentation Coda Writing guidelines, documentation and long discussions
Project management Trello Tracking progress in kanban style
Social media management Sendgrid Email automation
Social media management Hootsuite Social media post automation
Social media management Mailchimp Email marketing
Time management Google calendar Showing availability and scheduling meetings
Time management Calendly Appointment reservation


Notification Bankruptcy

When an employee has too many notifications to handle for a long period of time, there might be notifications that aren’t relevant anymore. Therefore, what they can do is declare in public that they are undergoing a notification bankruptcy.

This means that they mark every notification as read, and if there is anyone that has any dependencies for the Employee, that person has to re-send them what they need from Employee.

Notification Bankruptcy​

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