Hello Data: A New Horizon in Learning and Insight

img Ferdian Bukitvista | October 26, 2023

Hi, readers! I’m Ferdi, a data science intern at Bukit Vista. In this article, I’d like to share how we develop data interpretation skills within our organization.

“Hello World” has long been a familiar chant among tech enthusiasts, symbolizing the commencement of a new journey in programming and development. Today, we witness the evolution of this phrase to “Hello Data,” signifying an exciting new horizon in learning and insight. For members of Marketing, BD, PR, and HR, this evolution holds the promise of diverse and enriching experiences.

Diverse Learning with “Hello Data”

The transition from “Hello World” to “Hello Data” marks a significant shift in focus. It’s an invitation to delve into the world of data exploration, a domain that transcends the boundaries of conventional tech knowledge. Now, marketing, business development, public relations, and human resources professionals can embark on an exciting journey of discovery.

Embedding Airbnb to Bali Events Calendar

In a groundbreaking move, Hafidz, a member of our Marketing team, unveiled an innovative idea. He proposed the embedding of Airbnb into the Bali Events Calendar. This ingenious concept paves the way for a seamless connection between Airbnb listings and the vibrant world of Bali events. It’s a stride towards simplifying travel and event planning for our guests.

LinkedIn Algorithm Insights

Furqon, a member of our Public Relations team, took a deep dive into the intricate realm of the LinkedIn algorithm. His insights shed light on the complex landscape of this professional networking platform, offering valuable knowledge for our awareness and engagement strategies.

Embedding Airbnb to Bali Events Calendar

Hafidz’s proposal to embed Airbnb into the Bali Events Calendar is a testament to the creative thinking within our Marketing team. It’s a step towards simplifying the guest experience and enhancing the accessibility of Bali’s vibrant events.

Insights on the LinkedIn Algorithm

Furqon’s journey into the intricacies of the LinkedIn algorithm reveals the commitment of our PR team to stay at the forefront of digital engagement. It’s a valuable contribution to our awareness strategies, enabling us to connect with our audience more effectively.

Conclusion: A World of Possibilities with “Hello Data”

As we embrace the transition from “Hello World” to “Hello Data,” we step into a world of endless possibilities. For members of Marketing, BD, PR, and HR, this evolution opens doors to diverse learning and innovation. The discoveries of embedding Airbnb into Bali Events and insights into LinkedIn algorithms exemplify the boundless potential that “Hello Data” brings to our organization. The future of learning and insight has never been more exciting.

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