At Bukit Vista we have a variety of meetings, fostering open dialogue and brainstorming sessions where innovative ideas are born.

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Types of Meetings We Have

Status update meetings (daily standup / inspection)

For open communication, providing valuable insights into ongoing tasks, progress, and potential roadblocks.

Decision-making meetings (squad meeting / adoption)

To bring together diverse perspectives and expertise, enabling efficient problem-solving and idea sharing.

Problem-solving meetings (chapter meeting, sub-discussion / tools)

To harness the collective intellect of cross-functional teams to tackle challenges and find effective solutions.

Team-building meetings
(all hands / adoption)

To offer a platform to celebrate achievements, communicate important updates, and align vision.

Info-sharing meetings
(all hands / inspection)

Focus on progress update, ensuring compliance, and sharing critical insights for improvement.

Innovation meetings (chapter meeting / tools)

Focus on optimizing our toolset, leveraging technology to enhance efficiency and innovation.

Meeting Objectives

Each meeting have different objectives, and to avoid inefficient meeting, a smaller meeting can be arranged. For example:
  • If there’s a long discussion in squad meeting but only related to one chapter, we should bring that to chapter meeting instead.
  • If there’s a discussion that only relevant between two people in chapter meeting, we should create a sub-discussion/pairing later.
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