Working from Bali: Embracing Challenges with Bukit Vista

img Irene BukitVista | September 17, 2023

Underneath the swaying palms and Bali’s mesmerizing azure skies, my career journey has undergone a remarkable transformation. Just five months ago, I began my voyage as a Guest Experience Supervisor in Yogyakarta, driven by curiosity about property management. Little did I know that this path would lead me to discover my true potential and introduce me to a world of growth and challenges.

My initial days were a whirlwind of learning, where I absorbed the intricacies of property standards, operations, and on-the-ground work. My dedication and hunger for knowledge soon led me to an exciting opportunity as a partnership management trainee. It was a moment of joy mixed with anxiety, as the fear of failure loomed large, and self-doubt cast its shadow. However, the journey had a surprise in store. Along this path, I encountered inspiring leaders at Bukit Vista, whose influence transformed my apprehension into the courage needed to face the formidable challenges of partner management. I delved into the art of negotiating contracts, mastering principles, and honing the delicate craft of communication. Day after day, I practiced diligently, pushing myself to new heights, until the moment I received an invitation that would change everything – a training opportunity in Bali.

My narrative now takes a twist as I delve into the profound transformation that occurred as I nurtured our partners in Bali. Meeting them, understanding their unique perspectives, and forging connections marked my own personal growth. It was far from a smooth journey. I encountered pitfalls and made my share of mistakes. However, each setback became a stepping stone to improvement. I cultivated self-awareness and learned the intricacies of effective leadership.

But here’s the truth: My journey is far from over. It stretches before me as a winding path of opportunities and challenges, a testament to my commitment to a fulfilling career. Growth isn’t a gentle climb; it often requires taking bold leaps into uncharted territories. My journey at Bukit Vista has been a testament to this truth. If you seek a dynamic and rewarding career experience, I invite you to consider Bukit Vista as your next adventure. Join our vibrant community of passionate individuals, and embark on your own journey of growth and success. Explore the exciting opportunities waiting for you on our careers page and become part of the Bukit Vista family today. Your transformative journey awaits!

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