Press Release CDC UI Industry Talk June 1st, 2022: Transforming Indonesian Hospitality – One Innovation at a Time

img Syelynn | June 15, 2022

Last month, Bukit Vista had the opportunity to collaborate with Career Development Center (CDC) Universitas Indonesia and get to hold a webinar on June 1st, 2022.

The presentation session first opened by Mr. Bayu Stiawan, as our CTO. Mr. Bayu gives us insights about hospitality industry from technology perspective, from how technology has evolved in hospitality until the strategy to innovate and scale that industry.

As we all know, hospitality is related to hotels, restaurants, reservations, bookings, etc. and for those of you who have not know, this industry is pretty promising looking back at the charts that increases on 2014 – 2018 although it did went down significantly when pandemic hits. Traditionally, hospitality starts from word of mouth or travel agents to get information about which is the best place to visit and stay including how. But pandemic forces hospitality companies like Bukit Vista to make use of technologies until it seemed like hospitality got on steroids with technology to bring back up the business.

How is that?
First example is online payment, it allows us to pay anything from anywhere now. Second example is travel companies with tech based like, Traveloka, Agoda, AirBnb, etc. allows us to make bookings from wherever and whenever we want. In Bukit Vista, to also keep the business going in pandemic era we get insights on how travelers adopts in this new normal environment. First finding is that some travelers just decided to stop to travel to cut the chain of COVID 19 virus, second is that some also looking for longer stays and mostly are for WFH people, third is sanitize, and last is capitalizing. To complete those needs, we implement technology for better hospitality, inspire delight, and slowly each month we’re thriving.

What does Bukit Vista actually do and how?
On the last few slides, he gave us insights on what and how does Bukit Vista actually do things as a hospitality company. Bukit Vista manage and grow rented properties, also to host and inspire delight. To be able to do that remotely, Bukit Vista reduce inefficient work by delegating some work to machine. We believe to let human focus on human interactions instead of data entry. Then to be able to thrive fast, we actively collect and analyze data and turn that into strategy including policy making. Last we scale personalized hospitality across multiple regions and hundreds of properties by setting up the environment for positive transformations.

The talk continues with Mr. Jing Cho Yang, our CEO. He gave us the big picture on how Bukit Vista actually help transforming Indonesian Hospitality from CEO perspective. Mr. Jing saw the opportunity here in Indonesia for 3 main reasons, one is that Indonesia has world class locations / destination that could attract people to visit even multiple times. Two, Indonesia also about world class design from it’s traditional architect but somehow able to combine with modern features to attract more people. Last, Indonesian hospitality is also about world class culture, the diversity that Indonesia offers are example of great opportunity. To make that happen, Bukit Vista approach through innovations to inspire delight that positively transform guests, partners, and employees.

The talk before with Mr. Bayu on how Bukit Vista do it, Mr. Jing showed all of the audience, behind the scenes of Bukit Vista workflow. Starts from how a property owner wants to turn their property to a rental place by the help of property manager company like Bukit Vista, those property owner becomes our partner. We also help them in managing guests by actively updating on guest reviews, their experience in staying on those properties. We also help them by managing their staffs, we trained them to give better hospitality to all of the guests. All of this workflow, certainly with the help of our tools (technology) to eliminate human error and inspire delight more.

Now, we would like to ask if YOU have thoughts on how to transform Indonesian Hospitality through innovations and how you actually want to do it? Come and join Bukit Vista, a property management startup company with 190+ properties in Bali, Yogyakarta, and Nusa Penida. We are currently open for Online Customer Support, Online Sales & Reservations, Public relations, and many more! Both full time and internship positions. Head on and apply directly at our job landing page and let’s positively transform together!

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