A Day in my Life as an Human Resource Intern at Bukit Vista

img Yosefine BukitVista | September 26, 2023

Hi Everyone, I am Yosefine, a student from Udayana University who was fortunate to have the opportunity to be part of the HR team at Bukit Vista, Bali, through the MSIB Batch 5 Kampus Merdeka program. Currently, I have completed seven weeks as an intern, and this journey has significantly transformed my daily activities.

My day begins on a bright morning on the Island of the Gods, Bali. I wake up early, prepare all the necessary equipment for my internship, and get ready to head to the Bukit Vista Base. The journey to the base involves passing through the university and navigating the morning traffic, taking about 20 minutes. However, with a high internship spirit, this journey has never been a hindrance.

Upon arriving at the base, I always greet Mr. Jing, CEO of Bukit Vista, who is already at the base early. Then, the entire team gathers through Discord to kickstart the morning meeting. The meeting lasts about 15 minutes and aims to set the daily vision focus and provide briefings for each position, facilitating the allocation of tasks for the day. I carefully record each task on Google Calendar to assist with more effective time management.

Afternoon is the time to dive deep into work. I work on tasks delegated by my supervisor. We also schedule regular meetings between interns and mentors as well as CV Screening Workshops every week. We are also given the freedom to choose the most comfortable spot at the base to work. Here, we work with dedication but in a relaxed atmosphere.

When lunchtime arrives, we are served food prepared by Mba Jo, an assistant at Bukit Vista Bali. We often gather at a round table to eat together, which provides a good time to share work progress and life experiences as interns. This fosters strong relationships among us.

Before heading home, we take the time to provide feedback to our team members about the work we have completed. This is a crucial step in creating an open and supportive work culture, a concept known as “Radical Candor.” In this regard, we do not hesitate to provide honest feedback and build each other up. For those who do not complete tasks on time, disciplinary actions like push-ups or sit-ups are given, 10 repetitions per task. This rule also applies to anyone who has not provided feedback to their team, including Mr. Jing.

After all tasks and meetings are completed, we often spend time with fellow interns and employees, chatting and sharing stories before returning to our respective homes.

As an HR Intern for seven weeks, I have delved into various aspects of the human resources field at Bukit Vista. I have not only gained a good understanding of the recruitment process before someone becomes an intern or a permanent employee but also learned how to conduct CV screenings based on the specific requirements applied at Bukit Vista. Additionally, I had the opportunity to serve as a liaison officer in the successful BV E-Talk 23 event that took place on September 6, 2023. All these experiences have allowed me to fully immerse myself in a dynamic, productive, and growth-oriented work culture within the organization. My internship period at Bukit Vista has helped me develop valuable skills and insights in the field of HR, and I am very excited to continue learning and growing here.

If you’re interested being part of our team and dedicated to creating delightful experiences, kindly visit https://www.bukitvista.com/jobs. We warmly welcome you to take the next step in your career journey with us, and let’s inspire delight together!

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