A Journey Worth A Thousand Experience – A Digital Marketer’s Transformation Story

img | January 13, 2023

Greetings, Gareth here. To me, life has many aspects that you need to pay attention to. Sometimes, you need to focus on your goals, but other times, the journey is what’s most important. That’s why today I’m going to share with you my growth and learning experience that I got as an intern and part-time digital marketing at Bukit Vista. If you have a feeling that you’ve been needing some inspiration lately, stick around until the end of this article!

Starting point

Every journey always has a beginning, mine started when I saw a company with a bright orange, blue and green logo, listed as one of the companies that offer internships in Magang Merdeka program. At that time, I was at the start of my third year in college and I needed to apply for an internship. Bukit Vista became my choice and I got accepted after submitting an application test and finishing the interview process. As a rookie in corporate culture, I was struggling to keep up with the tools and programs used during the first few weeks but I eventually get things under control. 



Magang Merdeka Internship

What I did as a digital marketer

As a digital marketer that was tasked to specifically target potential property partners, I was responsible to make a campaign to attract that specific demographic. Previously, I proposed a paid marketing campaign through Google ads as my answer for the application test. At that time, not many people had given much thought to Google ads. As a company that has a strong growth and innovation culture, Bukit Vista saw that my ideas deserve a chance. As the main initiator for this campaign, I was responsible for managing the keywords, designing the ad layouts, deciding the perfect copywriting for each ad, as well as optimizing the target audience.



Google Ads



Google Analytics



Search Console

Additionally, any digital marketer wouldn’t be complete if they didn’t handle SEO projects. I was responsible for making the website (that you currently use for reading this article) perform at its best and easy to use. The logic is, if the website is easy to use and clear with its intention, we could drive more property partner leads. In this project, I used several analytical tools such as Google Analytics, Search Console, Hotjar, and Google Keyword Planner as well as WordPress plugins such as Rank Math to make the website relevant and search engine friendly.



Reading Heatmaps with Hotjar



Rank Math SEO

Beyond that, I also handle smaller projects, such as designing various graphic design needs for the company. One of my most impactful designs is the Bali Villa Management page, the BV Go app mockup, and Bukit Vista’s Company Profile. I am also responsible for writing some of the blog content that you read on our site and sharing my articles through email marketing. Other than that, I was also asked to help optimize Airbnb OTA listings and become a public relations substitute.

Transformation journey

Before Bukit Vista, I still see myself hesitating even when an opportunity arises because I was too scared to fail. However, the 8 core values of the company changed me.



Fail Fast

The one that significantly changed me was “Fail Fast” because it taught me to not be afraid of experimenting and it is better to fail now rather than later. Moreover, my position and projects demand me to be an agile digital marketer. This means that I need to be flexible in mastering various tools and know how to integrate them to produce the best outcome for the project. At the end of the day, I learned a lot of valuable and priceless lessons through experiencing work in real-life conditions at Bukit Vista. You can read the rest of my story through my LinkedIn posts here or watch my intern graduation presentation here.

Bukit Vista has helped me significantly by developing myself and my abilities with real experience and industry knowledge that I can use to grow and reach my dream career.

So, for those of you who want to share my experiences and lessons, let’s join Bukit Vista’s Internship Program right now! There are numerous opportunities available to students of various majors. Learn more HERE and apply today for your career’s future. 

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