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img | December 30, 2022

Sabrina is a Political Science Student from UPN “Veteran” Jakarta. She currently serves as a Human Resource Intern in Bukit Vista, where she works on the Awareness Chapter/Marketing Division. Her responsibilities include recruiting, interviewing, screening CVs, and approaching candidates. In addition, Sabrina sometimes works in the Public Relations department of the company, approaching university partners, lecturers, staff, and organizations and maintaining collaboration with them.

As part of her role, Sabrina also attends universities’ webinars and handles events on behalf of Bukit Vista to promote job vacancies. Additionally, she manages Bukit Vista’s social media accounts, produces content, writes articles, and uploads them on the Bukit Vista blog. Her experience at Bukit Vista is a mix of working in Human Resources and Public Relations, which she finds to be truly incredible.

Sabrina likes to drink coffee besides doing HR work
So, on the Human Resource side, what does she typically do?

Manpower Planning

Manpower planning is a recruiting strategy  of getting the number of qualified employees and seeking to place the right employees in the right job at the right time, so that an organization can meet its objectives. Previously there is no current manpower planning in place at Bukit Vista. During the process of recruiting, it can be useful to have clarity on the exact number of personnel needed, including whether they are needed for entry-level or supervisory positions.

Recognizing the potential benefits of future planning, Sabrina created the 2023 Manpower Planning, which required each Chapter Lead to complete a form stating the number of personnel required for their teams. With this new plan in place, the company may be able to avoid a future deficit in personnel.

Red flag and Green flag on Recruiting

Bukit Vista has a Human Resources User Relationship Communication program in which they approach potential applicants via LinkedIn and offer them work possibilities in Bukit Vista. However, it can be difficult to know if the individual they contact is the correct person or a good candidate. To address this, Sabrina assesses the quality of the candidates who have previously been approached by other members of the HR Team.

She rated the applicant and decided whether they should proceed and call them or drop the individual. To simplify the process, Sabrina put down what she considered to be red flags and green flags on a candidate and explained which type of applicant they should approach and which they should avoid.

As a result, the HR team can develop guidelines for finding and contacting top-tier prospects and able to hire much more personnel. Several vacancies have already been filled.

On the other hand, on the Public Relations side, here’s what Sabrina and the HR team have done:

Email Blast

Aside from engaging each possible applicant one at a time, how does the HR staff locate candidates? That’s right, we can send an email to a huge number of people informing them that we are now taking applications. Every week, we send an email blast to thousands of individuals candidates.

As a consequence of the tasks, Sabrina prepared the email each week in advance. This involved selecting the recipients and deciding on the theme by completing the copywriting and providing the necessary material. Obtaining design guidance from other members of the Awareness team before uploading the information to the LinkedIn page or website. As a result, our Likedin and other mediums will receive more attention and awareness from potential candidate audiences.

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Setting Up an Event


Bukit Vista frequently attends university events while engaging with university partners. It is Sabrina’s responsibility as an HR in the Awareness Chapter to promote Bukit Vista and raise awareness of the company’s employment positions. For the pre-event, Sabrina develops the presentation materials, speaks with partners, and becomes the event’s speaker. For the following event, Sabrina looks at how many individuals have already applied to Bukit Vista, evaluate their applications, and determine whether or not they are a good fit. If they are qualified, Sabrina will ask them for an interview and move through with the hiring process. Gaining qualified candidates from reputable institutions.

Some of the events we have done include:
Psikologi UGM at Bursa Magang 2023, Universitas Negeri Semarang Job Fair, and FISIP Universitas Brawijaya.

Inspiring project right? We always appreciate our Vistans and Visterns, who have Inspired Delight and created an impact for our employees, guests, and partners. We value their talents and see them as a precious asset to our company.

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