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img Syelynn | April 13, 2022

How do you define a perfect human being? of course you can never!
But, a human can better themselves by keep learning from their mistakes and move on, right?

My experience as an intern at Bukit Vista exemplifies everything I’ve said so far. Making errors and learning from them has been a big part of my life for the past three months. The fact that I have excellent mentors in the organization is the most powerful motivator for me to maintain my high level of performance.
We always #ShowDon’tTell in Bukit Vista. So, here I’ll tell you in greater detail what skills I gained throughout my internship.

Soft Skills I have developed with BV

  1. Time management
    As an Indonesian, I feel I have never been exposed to a society in which time is the most valuable commodity. I learnt to make a timetable for myself and make a list of everything I need to complete that day. This greatly aids me in completing more and higher-quality jobs.
  2. Analytics and Critical-thinking
    What is the most effective technique to assess your work? Yes, with relevant information. That is a crucial step to take before bringing anything to a meeting; we must be objective and prepared. This gave me the impression that I needed to learn more about the developments in Bukit Vista.
  3. Motivation and Ambition
    Trying to be better is only a motivator. However, putting ambition into it will result in tactics for achieving your objectives. One thing that helped me achieve my monthly objectives was planning our weekly goals. We call it OKR, or Objective Key Results, in Bukit Vista.
  4. Negotiation
    I had to manage projects and reach out to numerous media partners throughout this internship. I learnt how to bargain with them for future events and collaborations.

Not only Soft Skills, I also have developed hard skills in the field of career that I want. Here are list of hard skills I have acquired so far :

  1. Copywriting
    Every week, we have a specific time to evaluate our copywriting on projects we handle. Since I am handling Social Media and Partnership, so there are a lot that we can always evaluate. We always want to stay up-to-date and discover new ideas. In Bukit Vista, the smallest details always matter.
  2. Social Media Management
    I was largely puzzled with the criteria and who to seek guidance from when I was assigned the duty of managing the JourneyatBV Instagram account. My mentors, on the other hand, have always taught me that there are always standards for anything you make, and that there are always individuals with whom you can debate your efforts. It’s critical to establish communication with them.
  3. Project Management
    In Bukit Vista, managing more than one or two projects is commonplace. Because you must be able to #StepOnToes and #NeverSettle here, you must be capable of doing so. Making the most efficient and effective planning and developing strategies to achieve your project’s objectives has never been easier.

Apart from networking with many amazing coworkers, meeting incredible mentors, and many other things, it was all I got. I’m hoping that you’ll be able to join me on this adventure. That is why I am inviting you to join me at Bukit Vista to positively transform.

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