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img | October 20, 2022
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having several skills is imprtant to become a business development

Do you want to know what it’s like to become a Business Development Intern at one of the property management company? If so, you come to the right article!

Working in business there might be ups and downs. As a business developer we have to know the right strategy and thinking creatively how can we engage with our clients. 

That’s exactly how Erica’s experienced as a Business Development Intern at Bukit Vista, one of the well-known Property Management Company in Bali. 

Want to know more about Erica’s experience and what important lesson that she learned as a Business Development Intern? Let’s read down below!

Erica's Background

Erica Melina is an undergraduate student at Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya. She was part of Magang Kampus Merdeka Programme Batch 2. In this program, she got a chance to be a Business Development Intern at PT Bukit Vista Nusantara. 

As a BD Intern, Erica’s duty is to find potential properties through multiple platforms and approach potential clients to join as a Bukit Vista partner. 

As an undergraduate student, Erica has never got to experienced working as a BD before. She doesn’t really know how to approach and conduct meetings with clients, so she chose to be part of the BD team to improve her business development skills. 

What is Business Development?

There are numerous definitions of business development available from various sources. However, the Grand Unified Theory of Business Development states:

The production of long-term value for an organization through consumers, markets, and relationships is known as business development.

According to the foregoing view, BD is not just about making as much profit as possible and employing win-lose tactics that provide value that only lasts tomorrow or in the short term.

In company growth, the long term refers to where we can identify or create profitable opportunities over time. Business development is about how we conceive and receive value as the key to constantly developing a business.

To be able to build a business consistently, it takes the right strategy from various aspects. These aspects include customers, markets, and relationships.

Important Skills Erica Has Learned as Business Development

1. Sales Techniques

Erica was not used to developing sales abilities or tactics to pique client attention before joining Bukit Vista. Erica was trained technically and professionally by engaging directly with clients while working on the Business Development team at Bukit Vista.

Erica had no idea that working in sales could be so interesting. When she joined Bukit Vista, she learnt several sales tactics, such as evaluating discussions with prospective clients, formulating negotiating strategies, and influencing prospective clients using these sales approaches.

Understanding and mastering sales strategies has become a need for business development professionals. Their task is to meet potential clients and entice them to become clients of the organization. Erica has learned a vital lesson as a result of this.

2. Strategical thinking

It is evident that teamwork and effective communication are critical to our job effectiveness. Small and large difficulties can occur without teamwork that are not promptly addressed if we do not communicate well with one another. 

As a result, we must foster teamwork and open communication in our workplace in order to complete a good and ideal task.

3. Team Work

Erica is essentially an introvert who has never met a large number of people. And being a part of the BD team at Bukit Vista is challenging for her because one of the sales techniques requires her to push herself to be more open to others and get along with them.

Despite her shy disposition, she receives a lot of assistance from her Business Development team. Her competence is increasing because the team is very communicative, supportive, and helpful, whether in sales technique or interpersonal skill. She also learned how to correctly present information in order to collaborate effectively.


Erica has gained a lot of essential knowledge and lessons as a business development intern at Bukit Vista. Experience dealing directly with clients improves his ability substantially.

Not only did his business acumen grow, but so did his interpersonal skills. Through the encouragement and positive feedback of his teammates, he develops into a person who is mentally prepared to enter the professional world. Erica’s struggle to strengthen her abilities as BD is aided by this friendly and communicative workplace.

Aside from Erica, you can also acquire and improve your talents in the field of business development at Bukit Vista. Let’s visit our website HERE to become a member of the Bukit Vista family and enhance your skill in proffesional realm. 

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