Payment Anomaly Detector: A Tool to Assist Finance Operational

img | January 3, 2023

Hello! Let me introduce myself first, my name is Jovanka Andira but sometimes people call me Dira, Financial Analyst Intern at Bukit Vista. I am a final year student at President University, majoring in Management concentrating in  Banking and Finance, with experience as Head of Finance Division at President University Major Association Management 2022.

I joined the Bukit Vista team as an intern last August through the MSIB Kampus Merdeka Batch 3 program and have experienced many new things and insights here at Bukit Vista. And I would like to share one of my projects in the Finance team that is used to assist finance operational work.

Jovanka is active in her campus, taking part in competitions and receing several awards
Bukit Vista is a property management company that provides hospitality services to both partners and guests. Revenue generated for the company is calculated from every payment from the guests, which is payment for every booking confirmed. But sometimes, there’s an underpaid or overpaid payment from the booking confirmed on the OTA (Online Travel Agent) platform, whether it is from Airbnb,, or any other platforms. This is the main problem and the reason why the tool is made. When this happens, some partners may ask the finance team about their payment. So, this tool is to detect the incoming payment in our database and also the revenue sharing or commission of a property is already right or not.
In order to get the output that the Finance team needs, I create the concept of the tools first before handing it to our Data Scientist team which help me with the queries. The tool contained some detailed information about each booking and also the expected payment that the property owner and Bukit Vista will get. To be more detailed, the Finance team as users usually use the filter menu to track the payment.
Other than that, the Finance team and I also collect and analyze the anomaly payment data monthly to track how many overpaid or underpaid payments per month. For more visualization, the chart below really helps us to track the number of transaction details that have been completed, underpaid, or overpaid.

The result of this project is cleaning up underpayments and over payments. So after we get the data and there is some underpaid or overpaid payment, we check every payment transaction directly to the OTA one by one. As a result, there are actually a lot of transactions that have been completed but are marked underpaid or overpaid. This can happen due to updated transaction details in the OTA itself. However, for other payments that still show anomalies, we filter them into financial cases that need further analysis and action. The action could be in terms of double checking the transaction details that are still indicated as pending and monitor the progress. However, we could not rely on the tool 100% so we keep monitoring the result from the tool. But, in general, this project helps the Finance team to track every payment of every confirmed order.

Because sometimes we weren’t aware of pending payout from the OTA that cause underpaid either to partner or BV. This tool could help us track the underpaid payment so that we can have all the correct payments as accurate as possible and increase transparency to our partners. All this way in order to maintain trust between Bukit Vista and partners.

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