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  • Why Bukit Vista?

    Because we're the best.







    Our founder worked at Airbnb to develop the Bali home-sharing market.

    We know the key to getting excellent results on the best marketplace for short-term rentals.

    We use data science to drive accurate decision making to price your property.


  • Headache Free

    Let us take care of the hassle of marketing your property and guest relations, along with their check-ins and complaints, while you enjoy high performance and great reviews. Your holiday rental should always been fun, never a burden.

    No Assumptions

    We records and collect data from our enormous database to serve a a data-driven decision. This applies to pricing, detecting low season trends, optimizing high seasons, and crisis management. Bali's prone to volcanos & earthquakes, Bukit Vista has always lead our properties to profitability by taking decisive action quickly.

    Calendar Flexibility

    Feel free to block out dates on the calendar for your own private use or to allow family and friends to stay in your property. We provide FREE channel management services.

    No Monthly Fee

    We apply revenue sharing business model to make sure we always produce income for you. No bookings, no fee.

    Easy Access

    We use our own advanced hosting technology to integrate with Airbnb and other major bookings sites to increase operational efficiency and maximize revenues.


    We cultivate a culture of transparency and openness so all our listings are visible and online. We sent out payment reports at the end of every month. We invite our partners to visit our office, our team and witness our operations.


    Let us focus on the hassle, so you can focus on doing what you love.

    Airbnb Optimization

    As a professional Airbnb optimization service, our team aims to put your listings at the first in search rankings and the top of the curve for bookings. The top 5 hosts in the area get 25-30% of the entire bookings.

    Guest Communications

    We have an Online Guest Support team who will cover all the communications between us and the guest side, so any inquiries, requests, or complains, will be handled quickly

    Sales and Marketing for Growth

    Our revenue management team, along with our content and marketing team, will ensure that your rentals keep coming. Our business grows only when you grow, so if you're happy with 1 villa in Bali this year, we'll hope you'll be happier with a few more villas in a few year's time.


    Our mobile hospitality butler will ensure the guest checked in at your property happily and be ready upon the guest needs.

    Review Management

    Our hospitality team makes sure our guests have a great stay on your property and leave the best reviews. We then distribute all the feedback and reviews to you.

    Real Time Data Analysis

    We provide a real-time data analysis to help you make decision on pricing, increasing occupancy, and overall revenue.

    Complaint Resolutions

    Should any complains arise, we'll be the first line to receive them and act to solve the problem. You can sleep well knowing that your guests are handled professionally.

    Professional Photography

    All our listings are photographed by our professional photographers to make sure we tell the right story about your properties.

  • Our Service Selection

    Please choose the service that suits you the best.

  • Airbnb Optimization

    As our well reviewed Airbnb account, we aim to put your listings at the first in search rankings and the top of the curve for bookings


    Revenue share: 15%

    Revenue Management

    We will take your property and make it as an investment asset, where we price to maximize the revenue on the long run.


    Revenue Share: 20%

    $2,000,000 USD in annual rental sales and over 150+ property partners

    We're a leading company with over 35% growth each year. Email us now and find out how we can make your holiday property a valuable asset.

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