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If you want an unbiased & data-driven property appraisal, revenue projection, and ROI estimation. Our data scientists have analyzed properties and market conditions with
10+ years of experience with over 60% reliability.

Our past property's valuation

Villa Zyloh in Pecatu
(South Kuta)

Balibiza Villa in Kancil
(North Kuta)

Villa in Tumbak Bayuh

We use data science to calculate your value?

Our team of data scientists and revenue managers will analyze your unique property characteristics and create a revenue & ROI Projection based on our model from similar properties near the area

How much is your property
really valued?

To make informed decisions in property development & investment,
it is essential to have professional, accurate, and independent advice.

Our business intelligence team can help appraise & valuate
varying properties in Bali

Bukit Vista team doing revenue projection for managed properties

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Our team of data scientists and revenue specialists can project your property revenues and ROI through predictive modeling taking into account your property’s occupancy rate, competitor’s performance, and your investment and operational costs.

Our Business Intelligent team is processing multiple data from the market like location, average price, occupancy rate, seasonality, facilities, amenities and another factors to determine the most relevant to your property. 

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Bali is a popular destination for travelers and investors alike. As such, it is no surprise that many people are interested in investing in property in Bali.
With many regions suited for property investment such as Seminyak, Canggu, Jimbaran, Uluwatu, and many more.
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Based on our years of experience, success depends on :

  1. Guest Experience Management: the quality, reliability, and availability of the management company to deliver consistent 5-star guest experiences.
  2. Property Attributes: we give owner our professional evaluation of their property in terms of design, location, product-user fit.
  3. Ranking: in a competitive landscape, ranking should be the single focus of the management company & owner. When good reviews are written, ranking rises. When guests book our property, ranking rises. Ranking is the keystone to both occupancy and higher daily rates, which translates into greater profits for the owner.
  4. Owner Relationship: A great owner relationship makes it possible to attain, preserve or improve ranking and guest experience.

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