Top 5 Most Asked Questions by Property Owners (Part 1)

img | January 2, 2023

Hi everyone, it’s Gareth here. As a digital marketer in Bukit Vista, I have optimized more than 100 properties of our partners. We get it. You will ask a lot of questions when you are trusting your villa to third-party management. However, one of the values of Bukit Vista is transparency. So in this opportunity, we’ll try to answer the top 5 most asked questions by property owners to answer your curiosities.

Revenue Sharing Analogy

1. “Please tell me about your price/percentage.”

Generally, we do revenue sharing and we only take 15% of your revenue. What makes Bukit Vista shine is that we have no fixed management fee and we only make money when you make money. However, we also offer a full board package for sophisticated investors looking for a streamlined way to maximize their ROI with minimal effort. This package includes all of the services in the business package with additional management services. Find out more about our pricing or contact us and we can help you choose the one that suits you best.

Revenue Growth

2. “How much I can earn?”

It would be a sin to left the revenue out of the equation when it comes to business. The truth is, in the property rental business, the possibilities are endless. In 2022, Bali received 1.19 million foreign tourists- not to mention the local tourists. With this in mind, the question now becomes: “can your property handle the growth in the post-pandemic tourism industry?”. Of course, we always want the best for your business. That’s why we have developed revenue projection services that is carefully considered by our Business intelligence with a decade of experience. Simply give us some information and we’ll send you the projections through email.

Bali Villa Management Services – Onsite Staff Training

3. “Are the fees taken by BV cover operational expenses, salary staff, etc?”

Bukit Vista specializes in handling property managements. In other words, revenue sharing is all focused to power the management services that we offer to give you the best management that suits your property. Still unsure about your villa’s expenses? Let’s discuss it in a meeting, we’ll be happy to help.

International Bank Transfers

4. “Can you transfer our revenue to banks outside of Indonesia?”

As a Bali-based property management, we understand that money transfers are one of the concerns of our partners. However, we have helped various partners come from around the globe, so international transactions are no issue for us. We set up an automatic payment from the OTA to your bank account.

Property Valuation

5. “How much I can sell this property?”

Understanding the value of your property in the market is the first key to unlocking your potential. Here in Bukit Vista, we use data science and we watch the changes in the market to determine the value of your property. We believe that our services are best described through a meeting. Find out what we can do to help you maximize your rental business.

If you read this article in its entirety, it should answer all of your queries. If you’re still unsure of the projected costs and profits for your property, feel free to contact us at any time and we will help you decide what’s best for your property rental business.

There are no additional fees for us to handle your property because we also offer a zero management fee for your needs. Because of our revenue-sharing model, we only profit when you do. Check out our property management service to learn more about how we add value to your property and guarantee a large return.

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