Bali Unveiled: A Culinary, Cultural, and Conversational Journey

img Tanisma | November 3, 2023

A Feast for the Senses

In a recent Round Table Talk at Bukit Vista Bali Base, Gusti Wira, the owner’s representative of Mango Sky Villa, and James, the Founder of PT Overcrank Media Production, came together to host a memorable Round Table Talk.

 I’m Tanisma from Business Development team, in charge of converting and maintaining a delightful relationship with partners. Here I would like to share a story about last night’s Round Table Talk. The evening commenced with a delightful Western menu that featured an array of mouthwatering dishes, including pizza, Chicken Marinara Sauce, Chicken Mushrooms Carbonara Sauce, and a fresh salad. The flavors and aromas of these dishes set the stage for a vibrant discussion.

Bali’s Rich Cultural Tapestry

Amidst the sumptuous meal, the participants delved into the rich and intricate culture of Bali. One of the most intriguing aspects explored was the tradition of cockfighting, known as “tajen.” This practice, deeply ingrained in local culture, is accompanied by intricate rituals and ceremonies. The discussion highlighted the uniqueness of this tradition and the concerns it raised among guests due to the disruptive nature of the roosters involved. Despite the controversies, it shed light on a tradition that has persisted through generations, offering a unique perspective into Bali’s cultural fabric.

Capturing Bali’s Beauty Through Photography

The conversation meandered into the challenges and adventures of capturing memorable photographs in Bali. The participants shared their experiences of embarking on journeys through rugged terrains and unspoiled landscapes in pursuit of the perfect shot. The village of Pinggan, in particular, presented them with breathtaking opportunities. To obtain stunning photos of the sky and clouds, they navigated challenging conditions and hiked to high vantage points. The discussion highlighted that photography in Bali is not just about pressing a shutter button but also involves embracing the adventure and the island’s natural beauty.

Indonesian Politics Unveiled

Indonesian politics took center stage in the meeting, shedding light on the unique dynamics of the nation’s political landscape. The participants delved into the actions of President Jokowi and how he has extended support to individuals who were once his competitors in the political arena. This insight into the ever-evolving alliances and power structures within Indonesian politics underscored the complexities and fluidity of the nation’s political landscape, reflecting the strategic and adaptive nature of politics in the country.

A Captured Sense of Togetherness

As the meeting drew to a close, the participants decided to immortalize the sense of camaraderie and enthusiasm they shared. With a group photo, they captured the moments that characterized their meeting, reminding them of the great time they had discussing diverse and intriguing topics.

In this round table talk at Bukit Vista Bali Base, the convergence of culture, cuisine, and conversation created a memorable evening that celebrated the essence of Bali’s uniqueness. From the flavors of Western cuisine to the exploration of traditional practices, the challenges of photography, and insights into Indonesian politics, this gathering exemplified the beauty of diversity and the allure of the Island of the Gods.

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