Business, Politics, and Dreams Converge: A unique blend of discussions at the dinner table.

img Erica Bukit Vista | October 25, 2023

In the heart of Bali, where sunsets paint the skies with hues of orange and pink, an eclectic group gathered for a memorable dinner that ventured into uncharted territory: politics. As glasses clinked and laughter echoed, the dinner table transformed into a forum for heated debates and insightful discussions.

I’m Erica from Bukit Vista and tonight we had some interesting guests who made an exceptional combination at the round dining table in Bukit Vista that I would be delighted to share to you. 

Wayan: The Visionary Developer

Wayan, a seasoned developer, stood out with his visionary projects in Ungasan, a coastal area that has witnessed a remarkable transformation in recent years. His journey began when Nanda, a Business Development intern, discovered his groundbreaking project during an offline canvassing effort. Their shared vision encapsulated the fusion of dreams and dedication that has turned Wayan’s vision into a tangible reality.

Joris and Christian: The Consulting Duo

In this eclectic mix, Joris and Christian, the co-founders of SKK Consultancy, were a testament to Bali’s boundless opportunities. SKK Consultancy, a Bali-based firm, specializes in helping companies establish themselves in Indonesia. They navigate complex legal and compliance issues while integrating cutting-edge technology platforms to streamline business operations. Christian’s recent move to Bali, leaving his former job to co-found SKK Consulting alongside Joris, showcases the island’s potential for those who dare to dream and take the leap.

Senthil: The Pediatrician with a Dream

Pediatrician Senthil saw Bali through a different lens. Contemplating the purchase of a villa on the island, he aimed to transform his lifestyle and broaden his horizons. His presence at the gathering exemplified how Bali can captivate professionals from diverse sectors, making them consider life-changing moves to this tropical paradise. What interesting is that Senthil come to Bukit Vista after listing to one of YouTube interview with Jing created by one of Bukit Vista partner, Rory and Casey. 


Helmi: The Country Manager with a Radiant Smile

Among the luminaries present was Helmi, a former country manager of Indonesia at Club Med. He regaled the group with tales of cultural exchange and adventure from his remarkable journey in the hospitality industry. His experiences were a vivid example of how Bali’s diverse opportunities can lead to extraordinary careers and life-changing experiences.

Jing Finds Political Allies in Christian and Joris

Jing, a seasoned enthusiast for political discourse, found kindred spirits in Christian and Joris, co-founders of SKK Consultancy. Though they may not be politicians, their fervor for engaging in intellectual battles made them ideal companions. The trio delved deep into the political landscape, from Indonesian governance to global geopolitics, offering fresh perspectives that left the dining table buzzing with energy and thought-provoking ideas.

The Mysterious Unexceptional Hotel Manager: Adrian Zecha

But what truly made the evening unique was the return of the enigmatic character who had often been at the center of their discussions: the “Unexceptional Hotel Manager,” none other than Adrian Zecha. His name had become synonymous with the property and hospitality industry in Bali, an enigma that had perplexed and fascinated the group on numerous occasions.

Adrian Zecha, known for his work in the hotel and resort industry, was the focal point of conversations about the challenges and triumphs of Bali’s hospitality and property sector. This seemingly ordinary manager had become a larger-than-life figure, embodying the intricate and often unpredictable nature of Bali’s tourism landscape.

In one evening with extra delicious Western food, this eclectic group of individuals showcased the diverse possibilities that Bali offers to those who dare to explore and create. From envisioning innovative developments in Ungasan to navigating Indonesian business intricacies, contemplating life-changing moves, and recalling extraordinary careers, these stories wove together the vibrant tapestry of Bali’s business and cultural landscape.

As the Business Development team, I’m thrilled to share more stories that reflect the spirit and diversity of Bali. Our island is more than a destination; it’s a crucible of aspirations and opportunities where dreams come to life, and passionate individuals forge their unique paths. Stay tuned for more captivating tales from the heart of Bali, where the magic of possibility is always just around the corner. If you’re an investor or a member of the Bali community interested in joining our next “Round Table Talk dinner,” it’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss, especially if you’re considering Property Investment or Property Management in Bali.

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