From Pertamina to Property Investment: Unggul’s Inspiring Retirement Odyssey

img Mahesi Bukitvista | September 21, 2023

Retirement marks a significant turning point in one’s life, often bringing forth both challenges and opportunities. Unggul, the owner of Griya Semilir, embarked on a remarkable retirement journey after a successful 28-year career at Pertamina, Indonesia’s state-owned oil and natural gas corporation. During a dinner time on 16th September 2023, he shared his post-retirement life, highlighting his experiences, ventures, and invaluable insights for those considering their own retirement path.

The Transition from Pertamina

Unggul’s retirement journey began with his transition from a lengthy and fulfilling career at Pertamina. Leaving behind the familiarity of corporate life posed initial challenges, but he quickly adapted to the newfound freedom. The opportunity to explore new horizons and passions awaited him. One of the standout achievements in Unggul’s retirement is his book, “Menggambar Matahari.” This literary masterpiece captures the essence of his artistic journey, illuminates the complexities of corporate structures, providing readers with invaluable insights and strategies for navigating this intricate landscape. Through the book, he conveys a message of embracing creativity and finding inspiration in the world around us.

Post-Retirement Planning and Property Investment

One of the key lessons from Unggul’s retirement journey is the significance of post-retirement planning. Many retirees face financial challenges when they lack a clear plan. Unggul’s insights emphasize the importance of making informed financial decisions and securing one’s future. He recognizes the benefits of property ownership, such as rental income and long-term appreciation, but also cautions about potential pitfalls, stressing the need for informed decisions, and challenges.

Through his relative, Agus, Unggul marked a turning point in his property investment journey. However, his partnership with Bukit Vista proved invaluable. Working together, they efficiently harnessed the potential of his investments, maximizing revenue and ensuring a fruitful collaboration. He values the expertise and support offered by Bukit Vista in managing and maximizing the potential of his properties, ensuring a steady stream of income.

Art Besides Finance

Beyond his financial endeavors, Unggul has delved into the world of art, drawing inspiration from Bali’s talented painters. His creative pursuits keep him mindful, present, and in touch with his inner artist, serving as a fulfilling and meditative practice. His passion for painting extends to coaching and mentoring aspiring artists. He generously shares his knowledge and passion with others, fostering a sense of community and encouraging individuals to embrace their artistic talents.


Unggul reflects on the essence of retirement as a new beginning filled with opportunities. His journey exemplifies the importance of embracing change and pursuing one’s passions, whether in property investment or the world of art. Retirement, he emphasizes, is not an end but a new chapter to be written and cherished. HisĀ retirement journey is a testament to the endless possibilities that await those who transition from a successful career into retirement. His commitment to financial education, property investment, artistic pursuits, and mentorship serves as an inspiration to all, reminding us that retirement is a canvas on which we can paint our dreams and aspirations.

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