Harmony in Hospitality: Insights and Connections Unveiled at Round Table Talk

img Tanisma | December 9, 2023

Hello! I’m Tanisma from Business Development team, in charge of converting and maintaining a delightful relationship with partners. Here I would like to share a Round Table Talk story . On the vibrant evening of December 5th, a diverse group of individuals gathered at the scenic Bukit Vista for a Round Table Talk. Among the attendees were Oliver, the owner of Villa Well Bingin, Ben, an investor staying in Villa Raava, and Natsumi, accompanied by her adorable daughter Amami, guests set to enjoy the upcoming days in Villa Well Bingin.

Connecting with Well Bingin’s New Owner: Ollie

The Round Table Talk kicked off with an engaging conversation with Ollie, owner of Villa Well Bingin. Attendees were eager to delve into Ollie’s background and understand his vision for the villa. It provided a unique opportunity to forge connections.

From Work to the Island Lifestyle

The dialogue expanded beyond the professional realm, with participants opening up about how they managed to integrate their work into the laid-back lifestyle of Bali. Stories were exchanged on navigating the unique challenges and joys of living and working on the island.

Navigating the Meta World

In keeping with the times, the Round Table Talk delved into the latest technological developments, specifically focusing on Meta, where Ben is working. Participants discussed how these advancements were influencing their businesses and the hospitality industry as a whole.

Seeking New Lands

Ben, the investor residing in Villa Raava, shared his exciting mission to find new land in Bali. The discussion unfolded around his travels to various areas in search of the perfect location, shedding light on the intricacies of real estate exploration in Bali.

Playtime with Namami

Amidst the engaging conversations, the Round Table Talk took a heartwarming turn as the participants interacted with Namami, Natsumi’s delightful daughter. Laughter echoed as the group enjoyed a playful moment, highlighting the community spirit that extends beyond professional endeavors.

In conclusion, the Round Table Talk at Bukit Vista on December 5th served as a testament to the diverse and interconnected community of individuals shaping Bali’s villa management landscape. The event not only fostered knowledge exchange but also strengthened the bonds that make Bali a unique and welcoming destination.

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