Optimizing Property Management: Insights from Suksma Guesthouse and More

img Tanisma | October 28, 2023

Hi! It’s Erica from Business Development again. In a dynamic gathering today, we had the pleasure of hosting five remarkable guests, each bringing their unique stories and insights to the table, with a special focus on property management.

Filippa and Wayan: The Suksma Guesthouse Duo

First up, we welcomed Filippa and Wayan, the owners of Suksma Guesthouse, our exciting new property in the vibrant Canggu. Their guesthouse stands out with its premium design and enjoys a steady booking pace. Filippa, hailing from Sweden, added a musical touch to the evening’s conversations, delving into the workings of the modern music industry and the world of Spotify.

Wayan, a legendary surfer with years of experience riding the Bali waves, shared his insights on the best pro surfing beaches in Bali, highlighting Bingin and Uluwatu. In addition to his surfing passion, Wayan also runs a surfing lesson and cafe in Legian, known as The Sunset Hut.

Wayan and Dwi: Transforming Projects at Bina Nusa Prima (BNP)

Our gathering also included Wayan and Dwi from Bina Nusa Prima (BNP). Wayan provided intriguing insights into the transformation of a project, shifting it from a residential focus to a commercial one, showcasing the adaptability and innovation that defines property management in Bali.

Fahri: Our Special Guest

Among our distinguished guests was Fahri, who enriched the discussions with his perspective and experience.

By the way, we invite you to explore our new property, Suksma Guesthouse, which is making remarkable strides in performance. If you’re interested in joining the Suksma Guesthouse success story and delving into the world of property management, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Property management is at the core of our discussions, and we’re thrilled to continue sharing insights and stories from the heart of Bali’s thriving property landscape. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and opportunities in this dynamic field!

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