Collaboration and Innovation Possibilities during University Dinner with Innovative Academy and the Mathematics Department of UGM

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University Dinner on Round Table Talk is one of our best program to strengthen the university partner’s relationship. As a proud member of the Bukit Vista PR team, me, Dea Novita, feel an immense pleasure that I recount the evening of February 16th, 2024. It was a night that not only marked the inauguration of Bukit Vista’s Round Table Talk at our Yogyakarta Base but also celebrated the essence of partnership and intellectual exchange. Our efforts to foster enduring relationships with our university partners were encapsulated in a dinner event that brought together the Innovative Academy and the Mathematics Department of the Faculty of Science and Mathematics at UGM. The atmosphere was charged with potential, as ideas and laughter flowed as freely as the exquisite Indonesian cuisine laid out before us.

University Dinner
Round Table Talk with Innovative Academy and Mathematic Department of UGM
 In this article, we’ve explored the importance of events like our University Dinner in creating a space for knowledge exchange and the fusion of diverse perspectives. We’ve delved into the specifics of our discussions with the Innovative Academy and Math Department at UGM, showcasing how these interactions are pivotal in driving innovation and collaboration within the tech and hospitality industry. Through this narrative, we’ve highlighted Bukit Vista’s commitment to connecting people and facilitating meaningful conversations that spark collective growth and opportunities.

Creative Synergy with the Innovative Academy during the University Dinner

During the dinner, Bapak Denny, the esteemed head of the Innovative Academy UGM, graced the dinner with insights into the transformative power of content creation in today’s academic sphere. The discussion ventured into the realm of storytelling as a pedagogical tool, emphasizing how narratives can significantly enhance the learning experience from his experiences to be successful mentor for his previous student. Nanang, the innovative content creator from the Innovative Academy, illustrated this by sharing compelling examples of how complex concepts can be rendered into captivating content. This synergistic exchange highlighted Bukit Vista’s role in facilitating a platform where academia and industry can blend seamlessly, creating content that educates and inspires.

Discussion with Innovative Academy

In March, the seeds of our conversation at the Round Table Talk will blossom into action as Bukit Vista proudly launches a series of workshops in collaboration with the Innovative Academy UGM. These workshops are designed to be a crucible of innovation, where the fervor for knowledge meets the practicality of industry experience. Led by the insightful minds at Bukit Vista, these sessions will not only empower the next generation of thinkers and leaders but also foster a community eager to translate academic excellence into tangible results. As we prepare for these workshops, we envision a space where ideas are not just shared but are transformed into strategies that pave the way for efficient and effective property management practices.

The Dialogue with the Math Department during the University Dinner

The dialogue with Bapak Nanang of the Math Department UGM was equally enriching. Vina, the department’s content creator, offered a fascinating perspective on the application of mathematical principles in real-world scenarios, including property management. The discussions revealed the intrinsic value of mathematics in strategic planning and decision-making processes within company’s operations. This meeting of minds underscored our commitment to integrating academic rigor into the practical world of property management and hospitality.

Dialogues during the Round Table Talk

Our dialogue with the Mathematics Department at UGM has laid the groundwork for a multifaceted collaboration, which is as promising as it is exciting. We are looking forward to integrating a wave of internships, providing a real-world context for theoretical knowledge. These internships will serve as a bridge for students to navigate the complexities of property management with mathematical precision.

Furthermore, our joint research endeavors will delve into the analytics of hospitality, exploring new paradigms in an ever-evolving industry. Podcast discussions, on the other hand, will echo the spirit of our collaborative intent, bringing together the voices of academia and industry to dissect and disseminate insights on a platform that resonates with both students and professionals alike. This trinity of projects symbolizes not just cooperation but a shared vision for innovation and excellence.

Bapak Nanang & Bapak Denny

The meeting express surprise at the seamless connection and mutual interest between the parties, considering it was their first face-to-face interaction. This underscores the core goal of Bukit Vista in connecting individuals across the tech and hospitality industry. Future collaborative efforts were also sketched out, including a confirmed podcast collaboration between the Innovative Academy and Mathematics Department with Pak Denny as the speaker.

Conclusion: Cultivating Connections and Innovations

The first meeting between Bapak Denny and Bapak Nanang on by Bukit Vista’s Round Table Talk was not just an introduction but a confluence of visions. It was heartening to witness the immediate rapport and shared enthusiasm for a podcast project that promises to bridge the gap between technology, education, and hospitality. This inaugural University Dinner served as a testament to Bukit Vista’s dedication to connecting, developing, and collaborating with individuals from diverse backgrounds. As we continue to weave these partnerships, we are reminded that our efforts are more than just business interactions; they are the fertile ground from which groundbreaking ideas and enduring friendships grow.

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