A Fusion of Innovation: Mahesi’s Journey to Transforming Partnerships in Hospitality

img vito | October 28, 2023

My name is Vito, I’m a back-end developer at a leading hospitality company based in Bali, where I orchestrate the intricate gears that power our mobile applications, internal websites, and drive the seamless flow of service notifications. With a passion for crafting robust and scalable systems, I thrive on turning complex challenges into elegant solutions. Whether it’s optimizing data management for our user-friendly apps, ensuring the reliability of our internal platforms, or orchestrating the timely delivery of essential notifications, I’m committed to providing a technology backbone that enhances our guests’ experience and empowers our teams.

Transforming Partnership in Hospitality

In the ever-evolving landscape of the hospitality industry, innovation and collaboration are key to success. At our hospitality company, we believe in the power of transformative partnerships, and one of our exceptional team members, Mahesi, recently demonstrated just how impactful such partnerships can be. Mahesi’s journey began with a call from Tanisma Anzalna, a lead in offline canvassing. Seizing the opportunity to foster a new connection, Mahesi connected with Pak Wagimin, who happened to be at a villa construction site at the time of their call. This impromptu interaction set the stage for a remarkable partnership transformation.

Joined by Alna, they went straight to the construction site to pitch, recommend, and initiate a conversation with Pak Wagimin. The conversation not only centered around our expertise in managing guesthouses but also highlighted the profound transformations we’ve achieved. This was not just a business pitch; it was a story of success, commitment, and dedication to our craft. A pivotal moment in this interaction was the introduction of ANiMAL, our interior design partner. Mahesi, Alna, and Pak Wagimin explored the exciting prospects of collaboration and how our partnership could elevate both our endeavors. This conversation was not confined to the construction site; it continued over lunch and tea, further solidifying the foundations of a promising partnership.



The journey didn’t stop there. Mahesi, Alna, and Pak Wagimin continued to explore the possibilities. They visited Pak Wagimin’s restaurant, extended an invitation for a Round Table Talk (RTT) – a program designed to foster a unique approach to building relationships – and engaged in discussions about pricing and business plans. This interaction culminated in a hybrid office tour through Discord, a testament to our commitment to harnessing technology to drive innovation.


Mahesi’s journey is a testament to our company’s dedication to transformative partnerships and the incredible potential that lies in building strong connections. Whether you’re a future guest looking for a remarkable experience, a prospective employee eager to be part of our dynamic team, or a potential partner seeking to collaborate with an organization that values innovation and genuine relationships, we invite you to be a part of our journey as we continue to redefine hospitality through transformative partnerships.

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