Innovating the Guest Experience: Housekeeping MVP Transforms Partnerships

img vito | October 28, 2023

My name is Vito, I’m a back-end developer at a leading hospitality company based in Bali, where I orchestrate the intricate gears that power our mobile applications, internal websites, and drive the seamless flow of service notifications. With a passion for crafting robust and scalable systems, I thrive on turning complex challenges into elegant solutions. Whether it’s optimizing data management for our user-friendly apps, ensuring the reliability of our internal platforms, or orchestrating the timely delivery of essential notifications, I’m committed to providing a technology backbone that enhances our guests’ experience and empowers our teams.

Housekeeping MVP Transforms

At our hospitality company, innovation is not limited to enhancing guest experiences; it extends to creating strong partnerships that elevate our services. Recently, our dedicated team member, Mahesi, spearheaded a groundbreaking initiative that transformed the way we collaborate with our partners in housekeeping. This innovation, in the form of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), is not only enhancing our operations but also fostering stronger partnerships.

The MVP, called Fullboard Housekeeping, utilizes a Discord channel for streamlined communication and prioritization. It covers a wide range of essential aspects, including guest complimentary services, property issue resolution, compensation management, and requests for amenities or tools. The system has been designed to bring efficiency and clarity to our housekeeping operations.

What’s truly remarkable is how seamlessly this MVP has been integrated into our daily operations. In just a few days, it has proven its effectiveness, ensuring that our housekeeping teams can address tasks and guest needs with precision and timeliness. This innovation is a testament to our dedication to harnessing technology for the benefit of our guests and partners.

As we move forward, our aim is to invite more housekeeping teams to join this transformative initiative, allowing our partnerships to grow stronger and our services to become even more efficient and guest-centric. We believe that innovation is a collaborative effort, and this initiative is a prime example of how partnerships within the hospitality industry can be positively transformed.

Whether you’re a future guest seeking the best possible experience, a prospective employee eager to join a forward-thinking team, or a potential partner looking for collaboration with a company that values innovation, we invite you to be part of our journey. Together, we can create a brighter, more efficient, and guest-focused future in the world of hospitality.

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