Investing in Bali During The Pandemic

img Syelynn | April 13, 2021

First things first, investing in Bali during the pandemic might not be a good investment option for now.  Indeed, Bali tourism has been hit by the pandemic. Hotels in Bali have experienced a drastic decline in visitor numbers while five-star resorts are in danger of closing down.

Amid the uncertainty, the national economy has slowly risen and continues to grow. Even though the pandemic is not over in 2021, the property market continues to show a positive trend. 

So, why is the pandemic such a good reason to invest a villa in Bali?

Financial difficulties and low occupancy have made many villa owners in Bali want to give up their assets. Of course,  this momentum can not be missed!

Investing in Bali

When else can you get Canggu Villas with modern tropical style and priavate pool also enchanting views at affordable prices?

If you have excess money, investing in Bali is a strategic investment step. According to Kibarer Property, more than 60 villa and lodging owners in Bali are ready to sell their assets and expect fast funds. Low-interest rates and sloping prices provide great purchasing power for investors.

If you plan to buy the property and hold it for the next few years, you will be in a strategic position to resell the property at multiple rates of return as the economy improves. Again, investing property  in Bali will be beneficial. 

Bali property management

Apart from hoping for capital gains when reselling the property, of course, you can also make Bali villas as your second source of income. Especially if the villa is in a popular location such as Canggu, Berawa, or Seminyak. You can market your property on online booking sites such as Airbnb, Traveloka,, and the like.

Now you have plenty of time to calculate ROI, upgrade your villa to keep up with the latest holiday trends and develop a marketing strategy. So, when the market is back in the spent stage, you’re ready.

Since the pandemic, everything has to be done from home. If you are observant, this is a business opportunity that has not been exploited by many business people. 

While waiting for tourism to recover, why not investing in Bali as temporary housing? 

Canggu is one of the best option!

The Canggu area itself has long been popular with western tourists as a base for digital nomads to live.

Many expats and tourists have lived in Bali for years and run their business remotely. For sure, it is because Canggu is one of the coastal tourist areas in Bali which famous for the trendy cafes and restaurants, bars, rows of surf beaches, and tattoo studios.

Canggu is the harmony of modern tourism and nature, which makes digital travelers feel so comfortable living in this area. Besides, Canggu is popular among tourists, both domestic and international ones. By renting your Bali villas for a long term (3 months, 6 months, or 1 year) to this digital nomad market, undoubtedly, you can get a decent profit.

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