Erica Meilina

Business Development Specialist

Hi, I'm Erica!

Joined 2022


Hello there,

I’m Erica, and I’m here to make your Bali investment dreams come true. Think of me as your friendly guide to the world of Bali Property Investment. I’ve on-boarded various of property in Bali with revenue potential up to 7000 USD per month. I’m your go-to expert for everything property-related. Whether you’re seeking property management advice or expert investment insights, I’m here to help you with a smile. Let’s start this exciting journey together!

If you have these questions in mind, I would be the right person to go to!

Here’s a list of my specialties:

  • Property Management: Wondering what kind of property management services are right for your needs and how they work? I’ve got the answers.
  • Bali Investment: If you’re uncertain about choosing the right property to buy in Bali or need insights into which building type yields the highest return for property rental, I’m your trusted source.

  • Investment Instrument Selection: Looking to make the best investment decisions tailored to your goals and budget? I’m here to guide you.

Feel free to reach out to me with these questions, and let’s navigate your Bali investment journey together!


Psstt, by the way, here are some of the properties I’ve onboarded from August to September 2023. Be the next one!

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