Disrupting The Agriculture Sector Through Tech: Gibran’s Inspiring Journey of Building eFishery

img Ferdian Bukitvista | September 21, 2023

Gibran Huzaifah, CEO of eFishery

In the last all-hands online meeting, Bukit Vista is taking a closer look at Gibran Huzaifah’s journey in addressing those issues with eFishery. Today, we would love to share his truly inspiring story starting from his background to the success of his agriculture-tech company.

From A Catfish Farmer to An Aquaculture Startup CEO

Gibran’s Journey With eFishery

Coming from a biology major, Gibran is captivated by the catfish breeding lecture in his aquaculture class. He strongly believes that aquaculture is a highly potential food source in the future, which became his motivation to start a catfish farm.

With the help of a co-founder with a technology background, Gibran developed an Internet of things-based fish feeder and finally launched eFishery in 2013 eFishery. Since then, eFishery has grown significantly to provide a market for fish farmers as well as to help fund them. His co-founder helped transition eFishery from a hardware-focused company to an internet-based business.

The Crucial Part In Developing A Sustainable Startup

The strategy for building a sustainable start-up

These days, data is one of the most important resources a company could have. Having a reliable data source can help a lot with major decision-making. Data-driven decisions and strategies will both benefit the company and its customers.

Digital platforms are inevitably the most useful ecosystem to invest in. As a tech company, Gibran built a digital platform, eFishery, to cater to customer needs, including access to financing, inputs, markets, and memberships.

eFishery is built on top of a community. The platform has helped tons of farmers expand their businesses through digital transformation, and many of them have transitioned from unemployment to successful aquaculture businesses. eFishery made access to resources easier for underserved populations and reduced economic and social disparities.

3 Recognized Value From Gibran’s Journey

Being resilient in the midst of uncertainty is a must. Startups operate in an environment of high uncertainty, meaning that market conditions can change rapidly, competition can be fierce, and unforeseen challenges can arise. Resilience helps startup owners navigate these uncertainties without losing motivation or giving up when things get thought.

Other recognized values are innovation and adaptability. The rapidly evolving markets push startups to stay ahead of these changes by continuously innovating their products, services, and business models to remain relevant. Not only that but having a solid difference to set apart from competitors is a part of the game. By offering something unique and valuable to customers, startups can attract attention and gain a competitive edge. Adaptability allows them to refine their offerings based on customer feedback and changing market needs.

Last but not least is community and social impact. A startup that actively engages with its community and contributes positively to social causes can build a strong and favorable brand image. This positive reputation can lead to increased trust and loyalty among customers and stakeholders. Not only that, startups will also benefit from customer loyalty. A startup that demonstrates a commitment to social and community values may attract customers who align with those values.

In conclusion, his success is a combination of efficient technology utilization, resilience, and positive community building. You can learn more about eFishery here.

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