Rory Jones : Professional Videographer and Owner of Villa Raava Inspires at Bukit Vista All Hands Online Meeting

img Yosefine BukitVista | September 26, 2023

Mr. Rory is a professional photographer and the owner of Villa Raava, one of Bukit Vista’s partner properties. He is known for his association with Villa Raava, a well-regarded accommodation option. Additionally, he and his wife, Ms. Cassie, have had interactions with the Bukit Vista team during an RTT dinner, which suggests a connection and collaboration with the company.

In his previous professional role, Rory honed his photography and videography skills while working for a medical company. Currently, he is starting an exciting venture with his YouTube channel, “Rory and Casey”, where he shares creative content, adventures, and insights with his collaborator, Casey. At the same time, Rory contributes to Bukit Vista as owner of Villa Raava, aligning his passion for hospitality and attention to detail with the company’s commitment to excellence. His journey reflects the versatility and innovative spirit of the modern professional.

Mr. Rory’s biggest challenge as a professional videographer and photographer in Australia revolves around the constant need to generate new leads and nurture customer relationships, especially in the context of wedding videography where repeat customers are rare. This dynamic has instilled in him a resilient hustle mentality. On the other hand, as a property owner in Bali, the challenges associated with property development require him to be exceptionally attentive. The skills and mindset cultivated in the video and photography domain have proven invaluable in navigating the complexities of property ownership and construction in Bali.

One of the interesting things about the Mr. Rory and Mrs. Casey YouTube Channel is the jargon that they use “travel, create, educate”. Mr. Rory’s YouTube journey began as a means to share travel experiences with family but quickly gained momentum, although travel restrictions due to COVID-19 altered the channel’s focus. It transitioned from primarily showcasing travel adventures to offering professional tutorials in photography and videography. Additionally, the channel evolved to provide valuable education, particularly regarding foreign property investment in Bali. The jargon “travel, create, educate” encapsulates this transformation, reflecting how the channel combines their passion for travel and creativity with a commitment to educating viewers, effectively delivering both what people desire and what they need.

Mr. Rory’s guiding principles both personally and professionally are centered on continuous learning and growth, coupled with the desire to create meaningful work that leaves a lasting impact on the world. He emphasizes that there is always room for growth and learning, and his professional focus lies in crafting wedding films that stand the test of time, becoming cherished memories for generations to come. Mr. Rory acknowledges the challenge of maintaining a clear boundary, especially when running his own business. While he acknowledges the importance of such separation for one’s sanity, he also admits that finding the perfect balance remains an ongoing endeavor. This implies that Mr. Rory’s guiding principle at work is a pursuit of excellence and personal growth, alongside a commitment to creating enduring and meaningful content in the realm of videography and photography.

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