Asri Village: Retirement Dream to Keep on Making Guest Happy

img | March 19, 2022

The tourism industry has started to heal, with the border being opened we notice the growing trend of the hospitality industry. Noticing this growing trend, we believe that it would be a great opportunity for property owners and people who are interested in pursuing this business to learn more about property management. That being said, this week Bukit Vista has decided to sit down with one of our property partners to talk about their experience in managing the property and some tips for other owners. The conversation took place on online meeting using and we got to talk with Asri Village owner, Putu Dian Priyantini, about her experience in managing her guest house.

To start the conversation, our team was curious about how she started and decided to dive into the hospitality industry, especially the guesthouse business. Dian was kind enough to indulge with our request and tell her story. Dian told us that she used to work as a front desk officer in Allila Villa Uluwatu. She worked there for around 16 years before she finally retired in 2020. After her retirement, she was still wondering what she’ll do next. After long contemplation, she realized that what she loved from her previous job was when she got to make the guests happy and engage with them.


With this realization, Dian decided to start a guest house business to continue on her dream to see her guests happy and satisfied with their visit to her property.

Dian then started to collect the funds that she needed to build her dream guest house and by the end of 2018, the guesthouse had started its construction. Asri Village has a very unique concept, you can feel both modern and traditional Balinese touch in it. Dian mentioned that she got inspired by some of the properties she visited out of her hobby to travel with her husband. The construction itself took a little over a year to finish and by January 2020 it’s finally ready. During the time of the construction, she mentioned that she tried to learn more about property management and how to give the best service to guests. And that’s when she found Bukit Vista.

At this point, our team became more curious about how she finally decided to join Bukit Vista and what she liked about the service. Dian was very happy to tell her story and she mentioned that it all started with some recommendations from her family. Her family had a property called Dream Breeze Village that was also managed by Bukit Vista. She got intrigued by Bukit Vista’s good services and decided to join Bukit Vista. She mentioned that good coordination between her and Bukit Vista was a very important aspect of the relationship and she’s very satisfied with the relationship so far.

Our team dug a little deeper on what are the most memorable moments she had with Bukit Vista and she mentioned it was the very first month of the partnership in February. She mentioned that it was a golden period for Asri Village where it got fully booked. She also mentioned that she remembered her very first guest was a Russian and that month she got a lot of guests from Russia.

Our team was very inspired by Dian’s story in this whole conversation, but unfortunately, our conversation had to come to an end. On our last question to Dian, we decided to ask for some tips and tricks from her on how to best manage this business. Dian mentioned a few tips, one includes on how to treat the guests and to leave a good impression. She told us how we need to make sure that the guest is happy by giving them warm greetings, giving them information about the facility, showing them the area around the property, and always offer them help.

Other than tips on how to treat guests, Dian gave us some tricks on how to maintain relationships with the property manager such as Bukit Vista. She said that maintaining trust through communication is the most important aspect. Dian mentioned that she’d always committed to the agreement by always being transparent with the booking when there are walk-in guests for example. She believed that the guests also came through Bukit Vista’s help in advertising the property so she would not break the trust by not being transparent with the booking.

All in all, it was such an inspiring story from Dian where she told us her successful story in building her guesthouse business and even gave us some tips and tricks on how to successfully build it. Through this conversation, Dian has shown us how to #NeverSettle and #BeTransparent throughout her journey and we can’t get enough of it. Bukit Vista is very eager to help more property owners in managing their property through our service and have a success story just like Dian.

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