Exploring Profitable Property Investment Strategies in Bali: A Bukit Vista Perspective

img Furqon Bukitvista | November 26, 2023

Greetings! I am Furqon, a dedicated and results-driven PR specialist passionate about crafting compelling narratives and building solid relationships. Here, I would like to share some tips on how to maximize your Bali property investment.

Bali, an island known for its enchanting beauty and vibrant culture, has always been a magnet for investors looking for lucrative property opportunities. In recent times, the shift in investment strategies towards self-building and renovation projects has become increasingly apparent. At Bukit Vista, we’ve navigated the Bali property landscape for over a decade, and our insights into these strategies can guide both new and seasoned investors.

The Allure of Self-Building in Bali

Self-building, the process of constructing your own property, offers a unique blend of customization and cost-effectiveness. According to our in-depth analysis, this approach has a significant financial upside. When investors self-build, they can potentially save a considerable margin, which is often lost in standard property transactions due to a lack of understanding of the local market dynamics.

The Financials of Self-Building

Consider the case of an investor we worked with, Rory. By self-building, Rory’s returns were substantial, achieving between 15% to 6% ROI, depending on various factors such as location and investment strategy. This demonstrates the potential of self-building in Bali, where even modest investments can yield significant returns.

If you’re curious how Rory’s villa looks like, take a look at the listing on the left.

Navigating the Micro and Macro Aspects

The success of a self-building project in Bali depends on understanding both the macro (the broader area’s potential) and the micro (specific location disadvantages like proximity to a landfill or a pig farm) aspects. As property management experts, we recommend a thorough on-site analysis to understand these nuances.

Renovation: Unlocking Hidden Potential

Another strategy is investing in refurb properties, which involves purchasing existing properties at undervalued prices and refurbishing them. This approach may not provide the maximum potential of a self-build but offers the opportunity to repurpose and enhance existing structures creatively.

Building a Reliable Team

Whether you choose to self-build or renovate, assembling a competent team is crucial. This includes contractors, architects, and real estate agents, each bringing unique skills to the table. As Bukit Vista, we emphasize the importance of leadership and clear vision in guiding these teams towards the project’s success.

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Time and Budget Considerations

A key factor in self-building is time. Our experience shows that projects that previously took 18 months can now be completed in less time, depending on personal involvement and market dynamics. Budget control is another advantage of self-building, as you oversee all aspects of construction, ensuring quality and cost-effectiveness.

Choosing the Right Location

Location choice is paramount in Bali. Popular areas like Ubud offer multiple access points and less traffic congestion, making them attractive for property development. Areas like Nusa Panida, though currently growing slower, hold potential as hidden gems.


Innovative Concepts: Beyond Traditional Investment

Bali’s unique landscape allows for innovative property concepts. For instance, building treehouses or other unique structures can yield high returns due to their novelty and experiential value.

Expert Guidance and Consultation

At Bukit Vista, we offer consultancy services to help you strategize your investment, whether it’s a business plan, an appraisal, or an investment strategy. We assist in navigating the complex Bali property market, ensuring you make informed decisions.


Bali’s property market offers diverse opportunities, from self-building to renovation and innovative concepts. With Bukit Vista’s expertise, investors can navigate this landscape effectively, maximizing their ROI and achieving their investment goals.

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