Mastering Bali Villa Marketing Strategies for Success

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Hi, my name is Adiel and I am a digital marketer based in Bukit Vista, Bali. I have learned a lot about the local real estate market . From understanding the factors that go into managing a successful rental property in Bali, and using different marketing strategies for our 100+ rental properties, we help our partners to increase guest bookings and maximize returns on investment.

With a growing number of villas on the market, it’s essential to have a well-crafted marketing strategy to stand out. In this article, we delve into the best Bali villa marketing strategies and highlight the key elements of a successful villa marketing plan.

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Here are 8 Bali Villa Marketing Strategies to increase your villa bookings

1. Have a website with optimal SEO performance.

bali villa marketing

In today’s digital era, it is important to make our business visible and easy to find in the digital world. One way is to create a website. Having a website is one of the Bali villa marketing strategies that almost all businesses have.

To create a villa business website, you can make it yourself for free through several website builders or use a website creation service that can be customized to your liking and with the best performance.

To improve the Bali villa’s marketing strategy, create a website that performs well and contains complete information. Studies say that 74% of travelers don’t take any further steps if a website doesn’t have complete information. Besides that, 81% of travelers also check the website of the hotel, villa, or guesthouse they want to stay in. 

The performance of a website is vital. This will affect the first impression potential guests have of your business. Having a website with good performance also helps increase the trust of potential guests in your property business.

Furthermore, maximize SEO optimization so that your website is easily found by the target market. It would be useless if you had a website with an attractive design, but users couldn’t find it.

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2. Active in Google My Business account

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Google My Business is a tool from Google that is intended to market your business, as well as make it easier for potential customers to find your business on Google Search or Google Maps.

Insight Google shows that 75% of consumers use Google search when they search for a hotel or lodging. The increase in cell phone searches and “nearby” or “near me” searches presents an extraordinary opportunity for hotel and property business owners to enhance their Bali villa marketing and capture bookings.

Google My Business will market your business locally as well as globally. This is a good Bali villa marketing strategy to increase the number of visitors to your business website.

In order to compete with other competitors, you also need to optimize your Google My Business profile so that it can appear on the first page in your business category.

To optimize your Google My Business profile, you can do the following:

  • Make sure you have filled out the business information completely.
  • Create content that showcases the charm of your property and post consistently.
  • Increase the number of reviews on your Google My Business account.
  • Enter the trend of certain keywords in your account.

3. Create a Standout and Unique Hotel Branding

bali villa marketing

To increase Bali villa marketing, branding has a very important role. Branding plays an important role in how potential guests see the charm of your property and, of course, the reputation of your villa business.

The fact is that tourists tend not to look for the cheapest accommodation, but rather for the experience they get. Create a distinct brand image for your property rather than claiming the lowest-priced accommodation. Do not also claim your inn as the best inn. Describe what best characterizes your property.

Start by imagining a consistent image for your property, as well as the emotions you want to convey to your potential guests. Make guests feel as if they are in touch with nature if your home has a rustic appeal. If you’re targeting families, the bright colors in your logo and the imagery of kid-friendly areas will help you stand out.

4. Actively create content on social media

bali villa marketing

Based on the data from Hootsuite in 2022, it is recorded that there are 190 million people in Indonesia who use social media. This figure increased by 12.6% from the previous year. 

Social media is used as a very effective Bali villa marketing tool as well as a tool for socializing on the internet. To improve Bali villa marketing on social media, you can turn to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube.

The use of social media as a Bali villa marketing tool must also be adjusted to your target market. After WhatsApp, Instagram is the second most popular social media platform in Indonesia.

Establishing relationships and communicating with the target audience through social media is an effective Bali villa marketing strategy to increase public awareness of your business. You can create social media pages for your villa business and start communicating with your guests and potential guests.

As a tip, you can create attractive hotel promotional content as well as price offers that will interest guests. And you can share information with guests about the experiences they will have if they stay at your property.

Learn more how to use Social Media Marketing for Villas Promotion

5. Give guests a family-like experience.

The best Bali villa marketing strategy for increasing repeat customers is to provide facilities that make guests miss your villa.

Treat your visitors as if they were long-lost family members. Give them personal or special services, such as greeting cards, snacks, birthday cakes, and more.

Guest satisfaction is the key to the success of your villa business. If your guests are satisfied, they will leave your accommodation with homesickness, smiles, and genuine joy.

No one can deny that they miss their loved ones. Your hotel services will also be missed by your guests.

Don’t forget to ask for a review of your guest’s stay experience on your hotel, villa, or guest house website on GMB, the website, or OTA. The review will become your marketing asset and invite other guests to stay at your inn

6. Collaborate with influencers according to the target market.

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It is undeniable that collaborating with influencers is a successful Bali villa marketing strategy to increase your hotel, villa, or guesthouse bookings.

Influencers generally have thousands to millions of followers on social media. Collaborate with influencers, just like you borrow their audience to promote your business.

Before you start collaborating with influencers, make sure the influencers you choose suit your target market. Don’t let you waste a budget on a Bali villa marketing strategy that is immature and targets the wrong audience.

7. Make attractive promos on special days

bali villa marketing

Promotion is one of the mainstay strategies for almost all industrial sectors, including tourism. Make promotions, such as attractive price discounts, benefits, or giveaways, to attract guests to your business.

You can make promotions on special days that usually make people travel, such as New Year’s Day, Eid, Christmas, and other special days.

If you want to make a promo, make sure you have calculated it optimally, so it doesn’t harm your villa business income. Even by making a promotion, you can get multiple benefits.

8. Property management service

bali villa marketing

If the above strategy is too confusing and too heavy for you to do alone, joining property management is the best strategy that you can get. By joining property management, you get the best villa marketing strategy from a professional team to create attractive and optimal villa promotions.

Property management has a professional team that will be ready to help the market as well as manage the maintenance of your villa business. This will really help you to maintain your property assets in the long term with the best service.

At Bukit Vista Property Management, you can optimally manage, market, and care for your villa business by using market research data in real-time, as well as monitoring your income anywhere through the BV Go App application

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