Top 5 Biggest Event in Bali That Will Be Come Back in 2022

img | August 20, 2022

After the pandemic, several music festivals and event in Bali will be held again. The existence of events in Bali and this music festival is an attraction for tourists to return to visit Bali.

The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy’s list of Archipelago Kharisma Events 2022 includes a number of the largest and most important events that the Bali Provincial Government intends to host in Bali. 

Through the event in Bali, the distinctive features and allure of Balinese culture will be on show. Additionally, Indonesia has the chance to promote its own culture, particularly in Bali.

The event’s reorganization in Bali offers tourist industry players a fantastic chance. These activities will encourage visitors to return to Bali for a getaway. You should take advantage of this chance to renovate your Bali villa and other property.

Approaching these events, travellers will typically choose the date and length of their trip to Bali. It is crucial that you constantly stay informed about occurrences in Bali. 

5 Biggest Event in Bali That You Can't Miss To Attract Guest

1. Sanur Village Festival

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Sanur Village Festival celebrates culinary, arts, performance, culture and the environment of Bali. Picture by

Every year, the coastal village of Sanur hosts the Sanur Village Festival. The 19th to the 21st of August 2022 will see the Sanur Village Festival. This event in Bali honors the arts, fantastic cuisine, culture, and the environment.

The event, which has various themes every year and promotes “The New Spirit of Heritage,” brings in tens of thousands of visitors from around the world.

The Sanur Village Festival’s features include fashion presentations, gourmet exhibits, sporting events, environmental conservation initiatives, and yoga demonstrations. Visit the various food booths to savor delectable regional fare created by Balinese masters.

The festival actively promotes environmental conservation projects, and numerous activities are held to do so, including beach cleanups, coral plantings, and the planting of alien and threatened plant species.

There will be bicycle tours, golf tournaments, fishing tournaments, kite festivals, and photography exhibitions. With a variety of entertaining activities including body painting, kite flying, beach games, and a fun run for the whole family, the family-friendly event also draws children.

2. Pemuteran Bay Festival

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Pemuteran Bay Festival coordinates all forms of cultural art and environmental preservation in Bali. Picture by

The Pemuteran Bay Festival is one of the event in Bali that taking place  on Bali’s southern shore. This occasion takes place on November 22, 2022. It will typically begin with a joyful cultural flourish.

Pemuteran Bay Festival coordinates all forms of cultural art and environmental preservation, including Community-Based Coral Reef Conservation with Biorock Technology, Gebug Ende Heritage Culture, Beach Art Parade, Arts and Culture Competitions, and Art and Craft Production Exhibition to raise the standard of locally based tourism that is both cultural and environmentally responsible.

The Pemuteran Bay Festival has a distinctive theme each year. The goal of this occasion is to emphasize the necessity of community cooperation in preserving coral reefs beneath the sea and the harmony that contributes to the sea’s natural beauty.

The Pemuteran Bay Festival’s last activity is the planting of coral reefs inside an iron framework or bio rock as it is more generally known. It’s interesting how the artificial coral reefs have taken the forms of Buddhas, different monasteries, eagles, and other things.

To your knowledge, only 20% of Indonesia’s coral reefs are in good shape, according to research from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI). In Indonesia, coral reef degradation is mostly caused by coral bleaching and trade activities.

3. Denpasar Festival

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Denpasar Festival aims to advance the UMKM industrial sector in Denpasar City through promotions and trade at the festival. Picture by

The government of Denpasar City founded the Denpasar Festival as one of the active components of city branding. It aims to advance the UMKM industrial sector in Denpasar City through promotions and trade at the festival while also utilizing culture’s potential for creativity and the creation of artworks.

This festival selects the Gajah Mada region as a dynamic hub for the expansion and development of all activities throughout Denpasar City. This event in Bali will be organized in Denpasar City from November to December 2022.

4. Penglipuran Village Festival

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Penglipuran Village Festival showcases the distinctive arts, culture, and indigenous knowledge of Penglipuran Village. Picture by

Penglipuran Village Festival 2022 will take place there from December 6 through December 17 and will have the subject of “Green Destination” focused on cleanliness, healthy, safety, and environment (CHSE).

This event in Bali will be organized in cooperation with all stakeholders while complying to health regulations. The event showcases the distinctive arts, culture, and indigenous knowledge of Penglipuran Traditional Village.

There will also be a Small Industry and Handicraft Exhibition. You may witness a variety of handcrafted items made of bamboo, silver, wood, Balinese attire, and kris in this show. Farmers from across the country attended the Ornamental Plants Exhibition, which was the final item on the schedule.

5. Univlox Lite Night Volume 4

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Univlox Lite Night bring back the euphoria of night music festival of the young people..Picture by Univlox Live on Facebook

Now this time, there is a music event that is often loved by young people, namely Univlox Lite Night Vol 4. This concert has invited several national artists to fill and enliven the concert night.

After the pandemic subsided, many people wanted to feel the euphoria of coming to an exciting concert again. Therefore, this concert is the answer to the longing of the people, especially young people, to feel it again. This event also supports the recovery of the business of lodging, tourism, restaurants, clubs and others.

This concert will be held at Peninsula, Nusa Dua on August 20, 2022. This concert also invites various Indonesian national musicians who are also no less than before.


The importance of staying informed about tourist attractions, including events in Bali, cannot be overstated for property owners. Bali is home to many different cultures, allures, and unique characteristics, all of which are reflected in the events that are conducted there.

Put your house in the spotlight by getting it ready on particular dates to draw visitors. To pique excitement, create special promotions, rewards, and alert tourists to the event.

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