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Business Data Scientist

Take our stockpiles of data & translate that into growth

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Welcome to Bukit Vista

At Bukit Vista, we are problem solvers at heart. We take our responsibilities very seriously, but we meet new challenges with a creative, innovative spirit. We’re creating effective solutions while maintaining our spirit of fun, energy, and passion. Above all, we're team players. Are you one of us?

There is endless opportunity for growth. There is the Cornell Hospitality Bible on the bookshelf. There are big flat panels to watch Masterclass, Skillshare, and our own workshops. There are pairing stations where you can sit besides an expert and learn new skills. Agile Project management. Community Management. Algorithmic Pricing Prediction. Software Engineering. Data Science. There are DJI drones, wide-angle lens, and stabilizing gimbals to get that perfect image.

Thousands of reviews earned by eager and dedicated hosts. Thousands of viewers on our online digital assets. Thousands of young students attending our seminars across Indonesia. A hospitality organization built by inspired individuals on a mission to disrupt one of the oldest industries in the world. Offering simplicity through an elegant solution. Everything is fast and iterates, we are a lean-agile culture.

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Candidates must be tech proficient and willing to learn continuously to succeed in this role. This role is highly rewarding for the right candidate, who enjoys working in small, tight-knit teams and wants to see results.

Job Description

As a Business Data Analyst, you'll be optimizing the growth of Bukit Vista by opitmizing our revenue growth. You'll be working with a large and growing dataset to extract insights & understandings of traveler behavior. Your tools will be a curious mind, a large screen monitor, and a Macbook running data visualizations showing heat maps, regression lines, scatter plots & box-and-whisker plots.

  • Make data-driven decisions on pricing & discounts.
  • Create automated revenue forecasts for new properties.
  • Persuade property owners to adopt a revenue first growth model via experimental data & reports.
  • Set up experiments to determine correct forecast models, and then pivot towards reducing errors.
  • Participate in regular Revenue Management Guild meetings to discuss & share new methods & models.

Required Skills

  • A growth mindset, bias to action, and a self-learner.
  • Mathematics or statisical degree.
  • Understanding of the Bukit Vista core values
  • Superior written/spoken English, Bahasa Indonesia and preferably a third language (Russian, Mandarin Chinese, or French)
  • Experience with using Tableau, Google Analytics, or pivot tables.
  • Data analytical skills including: regression models, random forest, gradient boosting.
  • Willingness to learn new computer technologies, mobile apps and workflows.
  • Experience in managing cloud-based spreadsheets, documents and popular instant messaging platforms.
  • Experience in demanding, high-paced, low-fault-tolerance work environments. 

Employee benefits

  • Fabulous work environment in family homes, luxury villas, beachside resorts and cliff-top apartments. 
  • Company laptop - Apple MacBook or equivalent.
  • Company phone - XiaoMi RedMi or equivalent.
  • Large format monitors and standing tables.
  • Meals provided - lunch / dinner (if you're working late)
  • Meeting guests from all over the world. 
  • Company dinners, happy-hours, concert tickets, villa holidays, and events. 
  • Fast growth means fast promotions for the best candidates.

Send over your CV, a LinkedIn profile, past projects. We like candidates that are passionate about hospitality, interested in technology and enjoy a fun workspace with lots of collaboration.

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