The Complete Guide to Managing a Rental Property in Bali

Essentials of managing a rental property Managing a rental property could be quite challenging, especially if you’re new to the world of hospitality. But fear not, we at Bukit Vista have gathered more than 10 years of experience in managing a rental property and wrote to you this awesome guide so you don’t have to encounter the mistakes and questions we went through. If you want to know more...

bali festivals in may

Ready to Revel? Which Bali Festivals in May 2024 Can’t You Afford to Miss?

Hi there, I'm Weda from the Bukit Vista team! As someone who's always thrilled by the vibrant festivities in Bali, I'm excited to share a sneak peek into the upcoming celebrations that light up our island. Bali isn't just about breathtaking beaches and stunning sunsets; it's a cultural hub that bursts into life with festivals that echo the island's soul. From spiritual awakenings to culinary expeditions...

smart property management

Bukit Vista’s Smart Property Management to Enhance Your Property Value

Greetings, Utami from Bukit Vista! As a marketing intern at Bukit Vista, I'm excited to share insights into the operational challenges and pricing strategies that property owners often face, aimed at boosting occupancy rates and overall property performance. Under the guidance of our CEO, Jing, who brings over 15 years of experience in the hospitality industry, we apply smart property...

bali rental property

Unlocking the Potential: Why Bali’s Rental Property Market is an Investor’s Haven

As a marketing intern at Bukit Vista, I have immersed myself in analyzing the Bali property market. Through this research, I've gained insights into the dynamics that make this market attractive for investors. I'm Utami, and I'm here to share these findings to help you understand why investing in Bali could be a rewarding decision.As the world emerges from the pandemic’s pause, there’s a buzz around...

Shy Princess’s “Investment Strategy #2”: A Revolutionary Blueprint for Bali’s Property Market

Welcome to Bali's property market, constantly evolving to meet both investor demands and cultural uniqueness. Chintya, Operations Case Manager at Bukit Vista, with insights from Jing, our CEO, is here to discuss "Shy Princess's Investment Strategy #2." This Bali investment strategy outlines a clear and effective approach for navigating and capitalizing on the opportunities within Bali's real estate...

branded amenities

How Do Bukit Vista’s Branded Amenities Enhance Guest Experience for Unforgettable Stays?

Hi there! I'm Weda, a content creator intern at Bukit Vista, and today, I'm absolutely thrilled to share a slice of innovation that's been brewing in our company, courtesy of Tendi. It's all about bringing a fresh twist to the guest experience through branded amenities in our full-board properties. Navigating through the intricate maze of selecting the right amenities, scouting for the perfect vendor, and...

property management service

9 Comprehensive Guidance to Enhance Your Property with Bukit Vista’s Expertise

I'm Utami, a marketing intern at Bukit Vista, here to demystify how we tackle common queries from potential partners. Guided by Jing, our CEO with a rich 15-year background in property management services, this piece explores essential topics: the initial onboarding of properties, strategies for guest satisfaction, ensuring uniform quality across locations, detailing financial benefits for property...

dynamic pricing strategy

Answering Your Concerns: How Bukit Vista’s Property Management Elevates Investment and Ensures Partner Satisfaction

As a marketing intern at Bukit Vista, I, Utami, aim to explain our property management approach, addressing potential partner concerns with insights directly from our CEO, Jing, a seasoned expert with over 15 years in the hospitality and property management industry. This article digs into how Bukit Vista’s dynamic pricing strategy aligns with partner expectations, our commitment to transparency...

bali villa development

Maximizing Real Estate Profits: An Investment Strategy for Ungasan, Bali

Utami is here as a marketing intern at Bukit Vista. This article delves into the promising of Bali villa development in Ungasan. Drawing from the insights and strategic framework provided by our Business Intelligence Team, we navigate through the nuances of transforming a prime 5 square meters land parcel into an investment opportunity. With a focus on capitalizing on Ungasan's...

revenue projection and analysis

5 Easy Fixes to Optimize Your Airbnb Listing

Hi there I’m Adiel a digital marketing specialist at Bukit VIsta and over the past few months I’ve been editing, updating, and finding out the perfect formula to create the ideal listing for Airbnb for over 100+ property listings in a 4 month span generating additional bookings and  revenue. So, this is not just some generic info on how to optimize your  Airbnb and make your Airbnb listing stand...

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