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Butler: Intelligent Assistant


|    March 15, 2022

Providing easy access to our most essential company tools directly from Slack.

In short, we made it easier for our mobile and resource-limited employees to access our company’s internal tools. We simplified the interface so it could be used even in challenging work environments. We achieved this by creating a dedicated app that could be accessed through conversations. With this app, employees can report work, obtain information from the database, and update team members as easily as sending an instant message. We integrated this app with our workspace in Slack and connected it to both our database and AI.

A bit of background

Our company uses various software and platforms that are interconnected, but some of them are not mobile-friendly, resource-heavy, or require a stable internet connection. This poses a challenge for our employees who have different job requirements and work environments, such as fully online, onsite, or mobile work.

The Guest Experience Supervisor team faced difficulties in updating property inspection reports into our database due to the limited accessibility of tools. They found it time-consuming to open their computer, connect to WiFi, and update their reports, which is a simple yet meticulous job. Missing even one inspection can result in a guest complaint, so they resorted to finishing all tasks before submitting the report, causing delays and extra hours of work.

To address this, we created a short-term solution by allowing the team to report through Slack. However, this led to another problem: transferring the report back to the database. We realized this was a lose-lose situation, and needed a better solution to streamline the reporting process.

Integrating butler

Butler is our Slack App previously used for sending notifications to Slack channels. This is an underutilization since Slack has provided an extensive API integration capability. The next action was to integrate our internal tools to the app.
integrating butler

GES Quality Control scheduler and report

This one is straightforward process:
  • We took our list of properties need to be inspected for that day
  • Send the list to Quality Control channel
  • GES do site visit and submit their inspection report on the spot
The list and report is fully synced to our database in real time, supervisors now can monitor property quality anytime of the day and they will see the most up to date report. We have been able to improve our hospitality score by this system, our guests are happier.

Partnership information

Our second integration is designed to provide information quickly to anyone who needs it. We have access to a lot of information about our partners, which is stored in various sources such as our CRM and project management board. Previously, users would have to manually search through each source to find the information they needed. However, we now utilize GPT-3 technology to analyze our partnership database and provide the user with an answer. This has significantly reduced the time it takes to search for information from 5-10 minutes down to just 5 seconds.

Next integration

Currently the development of Butler continues to integrate more of our tools with better accessibility and user experience.

Sounds intriguing right? At Bukit Vista we aim to develop innovative projects such as this to inspire delight and positively transform our guests, employees & partners. If you feel inspired to innovate in the hospitality industry, check out our careers page.

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