5 Easy Steps to Conserve Water For Rental Property in Bali in 2022

img | June 8, 2022

Did you know that the rental property in Bali and its activities take up at least 65% of the groundwater supply in Bali? 

Based on research conducted in Pemuteran Village, many dive resort and other properties require at least 30,202,375 liters of water per year. This number is quite large, of course, to provide the best service and facilities to their guests. From interviews with 14 respondents, 54% of respondents did not know that Bali is projected to experience a water crisis in the next few years. 

Behind the charm and abundance of Bali’s unparalleled natural resources, many do not know there is a danger that threatens it. Water resources are very vital in the sustainability of the tourism industry in Bali. Yet, without a water resource management strategy, the potential of water crisis in Bali will be even greater. 

If you are going to or are running a rental property business in Bali, having a conserve water strategy on your property is very important. This is not only good for the environment, but also for your rental property’s water costs. Here, Bukit Vista has summarized the right way to conserve water for your rental property. 

5 Easy Steps to Conserve Water For Your Rental Property in Bali

1. Perform a Water Usage Audit

Audit is helpfum to useful to get a clear understanding water cost expense and conserve water
Audit is helpfum to useful to get a clear understanding water cost expense. Photo by Karolina Grabowska

To plan your how to conserve water for your rental property in Bali, do a water usage audit. It is useful to get a clear understanding of the cost of your water expenditure. You can also see opportunities for saving water costs for your property rental in Bali. 

This way, it will be easier for you to measure and manage water usage costs. Smart measurement can uncover your problem areas. Also, help to provide you with valuable information about your water use over time.

2. Investing in Water Saving Technology

Gray Water Systems

Installing a gray water system is a good investment that you can choose. Gray water systems have the potential to reduce up to 50% of wastewater returned to rental properties after treatment for functions such as toilet flushing.

Installing a gray water system is quite expensive. This is because the gray water system requires separate piping and chemical treatment. Payback times can take from two to fifteen years depending on your water costs and installation. 

Low-flow bathroom

Installing a low-flow bathroom feature can actually conserve water usage by up to 30%. Aerated shower heads and low-flow toilets are becoming more economical than other technologies. 

If you own a rental property or are planning one, consider to installing a low-flow bathroom feature. Although it has minimal effect on guest service, this strategy can save large volumes of water use in the long run. Also, a better flow limiter or aerator can help reduce all tap flow. 

Also, don’t forget to keep doing maintenance in a disciplined manner! You need to know that a leaky toilet can lose up to 200 gallons of water every day. Therefore, make sure you have a definite schedule to check your rental property and immediately deal with it if there is a leak.

3. Do Regular Inspections and Maintenance

Maintenance is the key to conserve water and your property from loses.
Maintenance is the key to save water and your property from loses. Photo by Boris Debusscher

After having a conserve water system for your rental property, the next step is to make sure all systems work well. Doing routine maintenance for your rental property in Bali will also help. Addressing and repairing any damage or leaks in the system quickly will help reduce wasted water consumption. This can also help reduce your water rental property costs. 

Check all of your rental property’s facilities and equipment regularly such as faucets, bath/shower fixtures, plumbing under the sink, look for running toilets, and standing water around the sprinkler system. 

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4. Create Procedures and Train Staff to Converse Water

Dress up properly when welcoming guest to increase the profesionalism
Create a clear procedure and train staff to manage the water efficiently. Photo by Bukit Vista

Not only guests, employees and staff will also have a big impact on water use in your rental property. Create awareness about conserve water and establish clear procedures for your staff. In that way, they can understand the best water saving practices and how to maintain the equipment optimally and efficiently. 

Train your staff on efficient use of water such as not letting tap water run, how often to use water to clean toilets, bedrooms, or to water the garden. In the procedure, also apply a mechanism or system to see the progress of the strategy that has been carried out in saving water.

Analyze and find out which strategies are successful and which need further development. So that you and the staff understand what strategy is best for your rental property. At Bukit Vista, you can find out what maintenance strategy is the best and according to the uniqueness of your rental property. With a team of experts, you can easily consult all your property problems.

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5. Raise Guest Awareness

Put a small sign in the bathroom to remind guest to always control the water usage at your bali rental villas.
Put a small sign in the bathroom to remind guest to always control the water usage. Photo by greenhotels.com

The final way to conserve water for rental property in Bali is by educating guests about the importance of using water efficiently. To get started, you can do a variety of simple ways. It can be like reducing the number of towels, providing a reminder card for guest, such as to always not let the water flow or using low-flow water in the shower. 

With education on how important it is to conserve water, guests will appreciate it and no need to complain when it under their expectation. It also signifies that your property cares about the environment. Your rental property will also have the potential to have a good reputation in the eyes of guests. Also affect you a positive rating and review. 


To start conserve water at a rental property in Bali, you only need to take simple steps. Required Consistency, discipline, and appropriate care for your property are the keys to the long-term sustainability of your property rental business. 

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