A Night of Business and Flavors: Dinner with Bali’s Entrepreneurs

img Adiel Bukitvista | August 28, 2023

On the evening of 28 August , we had the pleasure of hosting Johan, Keith, Alex, and Ayus, Bali’s entrepreneurs and property owners for a memorable dinner. The dinner facilitated the introduction of Johan and Keith to the Bukit Vista team and an appreciation for Alex and Ayus in bringing referrals of property owners. The mix of business insights and culinary conversations made for an engaging and enjoyable experience.

 The dinner, part of the Round Table Talk revolves around hosting casual discussions focused on various aspects of business, addressing business challenges, exploring solutions, discussing the
latest innovations in the industry, and more, all while enjoying relaxed meals

A Blend of Expertise and Ambition

Johan, a seasoned business consultant hailing from Singapore, graced the event alongside his manager, Keith. The dynamic duo brought their professional perspectives to the table, offering a glimpse into the world of strategic consulting.

Adding to the intrigue were Alex and Ayus, partners in the thriving Bukit Vista enterprise. Having recently marked the sale of their property, Casa Fermina, their ambitions were evident as they hinted at their next exciting project.

A Toast to Signature Drinks & Magic of Data Unveiled

The evening began with a selection of signature drinks that delighted the senses. Among them, the Hurricane cocktail emerged as the crowd favorite, setting the tone for a jovial atmosphere.

Amidst the clinking of glasses, Lilis took the spotlight, unveiling Bukit Vista’s innovative use of booking data. Transforming past trends into future strategies, this insightful approach left everyone intrigued about the power of data analytics.

A Feast to Remember & Culinary Conversations

The dinner table featured a sumptuous Creole-inspired menu that left taste buds dancing with joy. From Shrimp Etouffe to Roasted Mahi-Mahi, each dish was a testament to culinary excellence. The kitchen team, led by Wayana, Jing, Syellyn, Chinta, and Nanda, orchestrated a symphony of flavors that enchanted every palate.

The conversation then shifted to culinary delights. Jing, Alex, Bayu, Keith, and Erica engaged in a spirited dialogue comparing the nuances of Singaporean, Penang, and Balinese cuisines. Alex’s passion for Singaporean dishes was palpable, while Keith’s insights into Penang flavors added a dash of authenticity.

The evening took a personal turn as Jing shared his heartwarming connection with Johan. What began as a client-consultant relationship blossomed into a strong friendship, with Johan’s mentorship leaving a lasting impact.

business dinner with property owners and accommodation agents

Entrepreneurial Ventures and Progress

In the midst of laughter and camaraderie, Alex offered insights into his role as a contractor. He shared Ayus’s successful bakery venture and their innovative laundry business in Ungasan. Alex’s dedication to diligent research and project management shone through, highlighting the value of determination and strategic planning.

As the evening wound down, it was evident that this dinner gathering had seamlessly woven together business acumen, gastronomic pleasures, and personal connections. With hearts full and minds inspired, everyone looked forward to the promising horizons that lay ahead. Join us as we continue to inspire and innovate in the hospitality and property management industry.

business dinner

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