Property of The Month October 2023: Villa Mango Sky – A Slice of Paradise in Bali’s Craftsmanship Neighborhood

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A beautiful portrait of Villa Mango Sky: Our Property of The Month October 2023

A beautiful portrait of Villa Mango Sky: Our Property of The Month October 2023
Wondering what a perfect Balinese retreat looks like, where craftsmanship meets luxury?
Look no further than Villa Mango Sky, a captivating vacation rental managed by Bukit Vista. This month, we are thrilled to crown Villa Mango Sky as our Property of the Month, and it’s not just about the stunning location and amenities; it’s also about the remarkable journey of the visionary behind it, Alex.

Background of the Owner – Alex’s Path to Bukit Vista

Villa Mango Sky, nestled in the heart of Bali’s Craftsmanship Neighborhood, Kerobokan, is the brainchild of Alex. Hailing from Germany, Alex’s story is one that echoes the call of wanderlust and an unwavering desire to lead a life filled with profound purpose. He possesses a deep appreciation for the art of travel and cherishes the values of humanity. For Alex, building relationships akin to a close-knit family with friends and ensuring the highest standards of quality are his guiding principles.
The inception of Mango Sky took place in 2022 when Alex sought an opportunity to invest in a venture that would secure his future. With dreams of retiring from his current job and reaping the fruits of his investments, he embarked on a journey that brought him to the vibrant landscape of Indonesia. But it wasn’t just about the destination; it was also about the partnership that awaited him.

The Journey of Onboarding the Property – A Partnership with Bukit Vista

Alex’s journey with Villa Mango Sky was one filled with ups and downs, much like any great adventure. Joining hands with Bukit Vista, a property management startup based in Bali, on June 6th 2023 marked the turning point. The collaboration wasn’t just about business; it was about a shared passion for transforming properties into memorable vacation rentals.
Through this partnership, Alex experienced the challenges and triumphs of property management. The journey involved intensive marketing strategies, careful maintenance, and constant communication with the Bukit Vista team. Despite the hurdles, Alex and the Bukit Vista team maintained a strong and cooperative bond, always striving to provide the best for our guests.
Bukit Vista team met Alex on our first Round Table Talk dinner

The Guest Experience at Mango Sky – A Bali Retreat Like No Other

Bukit Vista team met Alex on our first Round Table Talk dinner
Villa Mango Sky offers a unique and memorable experience to its guests. The retreat is designed to immerse visitors in Bali’s rich culture and craftsmanship. With spacious, beautifully furnished rooms, a stunning garden, and a pool that invites relaxation, it’s a place where guests create cherished memories.
The property boasts an impressive 4.82 out of 5-star rating, a testament to the exceptional guest experience. Guests are welcomed with open arms, and their feedback is highly valued. The relationship that Alex and Bukit Vista have cultivated with their guests speaks volumes about their commitment to providing a superior stay.

The Result – Reviews, Rating, and Revenue

Villa Mango Sky’s achievements are a testament to Alex’s dedication and Bukit Vista’s expertise. With a remarkable 94% high season revenue in October 2023, even during mid to low season, the property has exceeded expectations. The glowing 4.82-star rating is a reflection of the exceptional quality and experience that guests enjoy at Mango Sky.

Villa Mango Sky's rating on Airbnb

Conclusion – A Vision Realized

Villa Mango Sky is not just a beautiful vacation rental; it’s a testament to the dreams, vision, and hard work of its owner. Alex’s journey from Germany to Bali, his partnership with Bukit Vista, and the exceptional guest experience at Mango Sky are an inspiration to those who wish to transform their investments into something truly extraordinary.

In the heart of Bali’s Craftsmanship Neighborhood, Villa Mango Sky stands as a beacon of what can be achieved when passion, dedication, and a commitment to excellence come together. It’s a retreat that embodies the motto of Bukit Vista, aiming to be the most innovative hospitality company in Bali and transform guests, partners, and employees. Villa Mango Sky and its journey with Alex are a testament to these ideals, and an invitation to experience the magic of Bali in unparalleled style.

Ready to create your own success story in the world of property management? Join Bukit Vista as a partner and take the first step towards transforming your property into a memorable vacation rental. 

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