Here’s Top 5 Easiest Website Builder for Vacation Rentals House

img | July 30, 2022

The competition is getting tougher, many property owners are now looking for a website builder for vacation rentals that is easy to use and can certainly help them manage it and track them all at once. 

Having a website for vacation rentals can help with many things, one of which is in terms of marketing.

Having a website is also one of the assets that can add value and simplicity to the management process for your vacation rentals.

The better the website you have, the more it will attract tourists who want to rent your vacation rental house. Therefore, Bukit Vista has made a list of the best website builders for vacation rentals that you can use easily.

Why is Website Important for Vacation Rental House

Get direct booking

With a website, you open up opportunities for guests to rent directly without third-party intermediaries.

Through the website, you can receive direct bookings by phone or email and arrange them quickly.

Your guests will also be happy because they can easily find, contact you and place an order with just a few clicks. Your guests will also feel safe making reservations and payments online.

Now many travelers are taking a sudden vacation without deciding which accommodation to choose. While they want to choose accommodation, they like a smooth and instant experience.

Therefore, a vacation rental house website with a booking engine is very important in driving direct bookings and bringing you more income.

Build a Strong Branding

If you want your guests to always remember your property and not even hesitate to recommend it to others, then build strong branding.

Having an attractive and useful website for guests can be one way to build strong branding.

Your website is the first thing guests see when they see your property, therefore giving a memorable first impression so that guests are interested in having the experience you offer at your property.

Provide a website with an attractive appearance, professional photos, complete information, and fast service.

With good service and a pleasant first impression, guests will feel happy and remember your property always.

Maximize Marketing Strategy

If you want to push the marketing of your vacation rental, creating a website can be one of your marketing strategies.

Having a website will open up opportunities for marketing your property on the Google search engine. In order for your vacation rental to appear easily on the first page of the Google search engine, you must maximize the SEO of your website.

Create blog content consistently so that you drive traffic to your website. You can also put your website link on your property’s social media. Those are some ways you can do to maximize your website’s SEO.

If you want an instant way that helps you maximize your marketing strategy, Bukit Vista can be your solution. 

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Website for vacation rentals helps hosts in so many ways. Photo by EKATERINA BOLOVTSOVA:

When selecting a vacation rental website builder, it's essential to consider a few factors.

A website builder for vacation rentals is a straightforward way to create a website with direct booking and other vacation rental management features. Here are some points to consider when choosing a website builder.

Vacation rental features

Firstly, you should assess the additional vacation rental features offered by the website builders as they are just one feature of a more extensive property management system. It’s important to look into their channel management, automation, and other features that may interest you.


Secondly, the price should be evaluated based on the value for the features offered since the website builder is just one of many components of these vacation rental management software platforms.

Ability to customize

Thirdly, you should look at the ability to customize your website, such as the number of templates available, the level of customization available for fonts, colors, and the creation of additional pages.

Design aesthetic

Lastly, the design aesthetic should be considered, as the appearance of the website may be more or less important to you depending on your priorities.


Our list of best vacation rental website builders


website builder for vacation rentals

Hostzaver offers a platform where you can link the URL of your current property from OTA. For those of you who wish to make managing all of your properties from various OTA platforms easier, Hostzaver may be your choice.

Your property photographs will also be automatically synced to the website via Hostzaver. Additionally, Hostzaver provides a number of sophisticated capabilities, like statistics tracking, custom discount management, and a capability for bespoke rental agreements that let visitors e-sign documents right on your website. blogging, broadcast email marketing, and other methods.

For those of you who wish to quickly and easily establish a website, Hostzaver is a good option. You may manage and keep track of all properties using a single platform. Learn more about Hostzaver features here and see how it works.


website builder for vacation rentals

Lodgify is one of the most popular website builder for vacation rentals platform. It has straightforward and easy-to-navigate automatization features. 

With lodgify, you can create a website for vacation rentals and handle all your reservations. Lodgify gives you the resources you need to create amazing websites, accept credit card payments for online reservations, and manage all your bookings in one location.

Lodgify manager system also allows synchronization of vacation rental listing information with OTAs such as Airbnb,, Vrbo/Homeaway, and more.

Guesty for hosts

website builder for vacation rentals

Next, the website builder for vacation rentals that you can try is Guesty for hosts.

Guesty offers website builder tools that make it simple for hosts to manage their short-term rentals on one platform, making it comparable to other website builders in this regard. Additionally, Guesty offers a mobile app version so you can track it from anywhere. 

Guesty has a number of features, including a calendar for the listing manager, a channel manager linked to OTA listings, automatic guest communication, a task manager for the team, and financial reporting.

As Guesty claimed, their automatic feature can help you save 40+ hours of labor and reduce manual labor by 60%. Try Guesty’s 14-day free trial now. 


website builder for vacation rentals

If you’re looking for a 100% free website builder for vacation rentals, you definitely should go to

Although they offer a free website and vacation rentals management, they have several common features to help you receive direct bookings. They have a booking calendar, booking confirmations, automatic professional, and receipts.

Bnbholiday also receives no commission for every tool that you used, which is a great offer for you who wants a free and simple website. Sign up now and create your own website.


website builder for vacation rentals

Wix is one of the leading website builders today. Its popularity exploded as recently as this year.

Wix offers a variety of attractive templates for free that you can customize according to your business category, one of which is “travel and tourism”.

With this template, you will be able to easily display your beautiful and attractive vacation rental photos on the thumbnail. 

Wix also provides a fully integrated booking calendar feature, automatic communication, and many more. Visit Wix here and start creating your vacation rentals website.


Having a website for your vacation rentals is indeed a wise solution to help you handle all the work and maximize your occupancy. 

We understand that you want an easy way to track your property all at once from your mobile phone. Therefore, we created BV Go App for our partners. 

BV Go App allows partners to track all of their property performance from bookings until the financial report in real-time. You can save up to 50% of time spent on manual tasks and optimize your vacation rentals to maximum occupancy. Be our partner now. 

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