Exploring Cultural Foundations of Human Resource: Insights from Jabulile Dayton, A Talent Whisperer

img Yosefine BukitVista | September 30, 2023

Hi, I’m Yosefine, a Human Resource Intern at Bukit Vista, and I extend to you an invitation to delve into this article—a journey through the stars, guided by Jabulile Dayton, Human Resource Team member at Airbnb, Task Rabbit & Shyp. Within these pages, you’ll uncover the secrets of talent cultivation, gain insights into the inner workings of thriving startups, and explore the intriguing nuances of human resources. Whether you’re an aspiring HR professional, a startup enthusiast, or simply curious about the cosmic dance of talent and culture, this article promises to illuminate your path. So, join me as we navigate the celestial realms of innovation, inspiration, and HR excellence, and let the journey commence!

In the boundless expanse of the startup universe, where innovation and inspiration intertwine, a stellar presence reigns—Bukit Vista. Like a comet blazing its own trail, Bukit Vista stands as a luminous beacon within Bali’s dynamic hospitality industry. But we don’t merely seek to exist in this orbit; we aspires to be the beating heart of the grandest professional network for hospitality innovation. At its core, we harbors a profound desire—to awaken delight in every soul, at every moment, and in every corner of the world. With a mission that radiates from our very essence, we endeavor to weave this aspiration into the fabric of our Core Values and then share this cultural tapestry with our thriving community. In return, we envisage a self-propelled collective, a community of visionaries bound by a singular purpose—to ignite the spark of delight, lighting up the cosmos with our passion and innovation.

Our journey takes us deep into the currents of Silicon Valley and Jabu’s experiences, with Airbnb as the focal point. The Silicon Valley landscape often tempts companies to grow too swiftly and delve into too many endeavors. This phenomenon is mirrored in Airbnb’s journey, where we explored various avenues to slow down their platform. While some of these attempts may not have been financially successful, we served as valuable stepping stones in the career development of individuals. Entrepreneurs often encounter setbacks before achieving success, and lessons from these failures often pave the way for future triumphs. Furthermore, the success of a startup hinges on a leader’s ability to foster a strong work culture and ensure the happiness and motivation of employees. In the context of startups operating on limited budgets, the recruitment process becomes all the more critical as it must be executed swiftly and effectively.

Unlocking Growth: Jabu’s Insights on Human Resource, Leadership, and Company Culture

Jabu explains that she often works with companies that lack the financial means to build an expensive HR team. The companies seeks individuals eager to learn and willing to learn while working. Jabu also expounds on how she assists companies in nurturing junior teams until they reach a stage where they require guidance from more seasoned professionals. She also imparts advice to CEOs on the best payroll platforms and the importance of structure within a team.

Jabu sheds light on the importance of having leaders above enthusiastic early-stage employees to guide them in the right direction. She acknowledges feeling guilt or awkwardness when placing a leader above such employees, but she believes it’s a part of the growth process. Regarding HR’s control over a company’s culture, Jabu mentions that the recruitment experience should be consistent and focus on the human aspect rather than mere decision-making. HR teams should be capable of creating a working experience for employees that enables them to thrive in their roles with enthusiasm and joy. Jabu also discusses how to deliver difficult news to employees or colleagues. She explains that it’s a challenging task, but she always initiates conversations by stating that it will be a difficult discussion, ensuring that the individuals involved understand that the situation is serious and distinct from routine interactions.

Jabu clarifies that she doesn’t attempt to make people feel happy or patronized but is rather brutally honest about their performance and provides suggestions on how to improve. She also emphasizes the importance of being truthful with others, as people value honesty. Jabu also delves into the concept of “Radical Candor” as described by Kim Scott, where companies can grow by being radically candid in their work. However, she stresses that each individual has a different leadership style and must adapt it to the context of their team. Jabu also shares her views on turnover in startups and the importance of onboarding in influencing an individual’s success within a company. She acknowledges the significant challenge of maintaining a stable retention rate but believes that through open communication and personal development, companies can achieve long-term success.

Human Resource Galaxy: Attracting Talent and Personal Growth

A conversation ensues about how to attract talented and potential individuals to Bukit Vista. Suggestions include humanizing the company, building relationships with a young audience, and sharing experiences through writing or video content. The importance of personal growth and not being too hard on oneself in the face of failure is also discussed. Finally, gratitude is expressed to the speaker for inspiring Bukit Vista’s HR team.

As we approach the conclusion of our journey through Jabu’s HR masterclass, we reflect on the radiant insights that have been shared. This masterclass is not merely an educational experience; it serves as a guiding compass, a shining star, and the wind in the sails for startups venturing into the intricate world of talent acquisition and nurturing within the ever-evolving startup galaxy. Success is not solely defined by reaching a destination; it encompasses the entire journey—the lessons learned, the challenges overcome, and the stars discovered along the way. With Jabu as our cosmic guide, we set forth, well-prepared to navigate uncharted HR waters and unlock the brilliance of human capital.

If you’re enthusiastic about delving into additional masterclasses and expanding your knowledge, kindly visit our StartUp MasterClass website and let’s embark on a continuous journey of learning and innovation together!

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