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Bukit Vista University Webinars

Our speakers are invited to national level events. We organize audiences of university students from leading universities in South East Asia. We want to build an innovation culture for leading the global hospitality industry. That begins with young talent looking to begin their careers. Help shape the future of our region.

We celebrate our mentors on LinkedIn

We will post on our personal & company LinkedIn to recognize the contributions that our mentors share with us. We have over 5000 followers on our profile & this usually generates a few thousand views & engagements.

Amazing Entrepreneur Community

Our community is full of youthful energy and desire to change the world. We are eager to learn, share and find mentors who can guide our careers. We are programmers, video producers, photographers, hospitality professionals, chefs, drivers, and online guest support.

Your Session is published on Bukit Vista's YouTube Channel

We hope to continuously share your knowledge with our community & future employees. With your permission, your session is recorded & shared on our YouTube channel.

Our Past Speakers

Join our growing network of hospitality entrepreneurs

Quincy Larson

Founder - freeCodeCamp

Thomas Arend

Product Manager - Google, Airbnb, Facebook, Twitter

Shae Wang

Data Scientist - Ripple & formerly at Uber

Douglas Atkin

Global Head of Community - Airbnb

Jabu Dayton

Founding HR - Airbnb, Task Rabbit, Shyp

Dayu Susani​

Director of Sales & Marketing - Raffles Hotels

Nataly Bonato

Community Management at Airbnb & WeWork

Slawek Smyl

Data Science, formerly at Uber - winner of the M4 Forecasting Competition

Adam Chronister

SEO Expert with Stay Alfred

Gino Andrias

Marketing Manager - Quick Silver Indonesia

Syafri Bahar

VP Data Science at GoJek

Ritesh Agarwal

Uber Data Science Infrastructure

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