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    As we pursue our mission to become the world's most innovative hospitality company, we seek to build the greatest professional network for hospitality innovation in the world. We invite accomplished speakers & mentors to connect with us online & share their incredible stories & wisdom. We've featured speakers who've worked in senior roles at Uber, Airbnb, Task Rabbit, WeWork, LinkedIn, Google.


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    Bukit Vista E-Talk is our online webinar series with local universities

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    Our speakers are invited to national level events. We organize audiences of university students from leading universities in South East Asia. We want to build an innovation culture for leading the global hospitality industry. That begins with young talent looking to begin their careers. Help shape the future of our region.

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    We will post on our personal & company LinkedIn to recognize the contributions that our mentors share with us. We have over 3000 followers on our profile & this usually generates a few thousand views & engagements.

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    Our community is full of youthful energy and desire to change the world. We are eager to learn, share and find mentors who can guide our careers. We are programmers, video producers, photographers, hospitality professionals, chefs, drivers, and online guest support.

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    We hope to continuously share your knowledge with our community & future employees. With your permission, your session is recorded & shared on our YouTube channel.

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    Bukit Vista invites world-class speakers to share their extensive knowledge through carefully researched questions & engaging dialogue.

    Founding HR - Airbnb, Task Rabbit, Shyp


    Our very special mentor today is Jabu Dayton, a Silicon Valley HR legend. She's worked as the founding HR lead for three super-growth startups: Airbnb, Shyp, & TaskRabbit. Jabu saw the growth of these companies from dozens to hundreds of employees. We network with Jabu today to talk about growing cultures, avoiding pitfalls & finding our way through one of the most challenging aspects of startup growth. We're proud to say we found a lot of great answers from this session. Watch this if you're want to simplify your hiring strategy.

    The discussion with Sławek Smyl propelled our momentum as a data-driven company as he shared mindset in processing data on top of the theoretical foundations. There are various real-life scenarios on the implementation of ML that I learned from him that I either confirmed, or would never been able to learn merely through textbooks.

    BV E-Talk

    Customer Service Webinar with Experts from Uber & Airbnb

    Our first webinar with experts in customer service & an audience of students from University of Gajah Madah. As a learning source, a platform to share knowledge, for the actionable result of professional networking.

    Our journey today brings us to the world of SEO, search engine optimization. Finding good SEO advice is very difficult, and there's a lot of noise out there on the internet. Instead of approaching the topic by reading a sketchy blog post or YouTube video, we went straight to a domain expert with proven experience in the travel industry.


    Mina has worked 3 years at Airbnb & 2 years at WeWork in Japan leading communities of entrepreneurs. She shares with us today tips on successful community management and the special mindset it takes to effectively scale a community. We are delighted to have her as our guest and look forward to absorbing wisdom & learning from Mina tonight.

    Sandra Comas

    Leadership Development & Scholar - Brown University

    We listened to Sandra Comas extensive wisdom today in leadership development & team building. We explored how great teams are built around three pillars: Autonomy, Purpose & Mastery. We examined the place of faith as an uncomfortable yet powerful force in leading teams. Our company gained new insights about compensation & recognition innovation. Sandra was remarkably articulate & generous by sharing her wisdom with us.

    Today Ritesh Agarwal joins us from Uber's Data Science Infrastructure team. Ritesh's specialty is building massive databases to warehouse & serve various teams at Uber. His research touches upon database caching & gaining efficiencies in data storage & information retrieval.

    Our guest today is Nataly Bonato, an inspirational lady who's been pioneering the role of community management for decades. Nataly worked her way up to leading enormous Airbnb host communities in Brazil from the very beginning of the home-sharing movement in Latin America. Her story begins with a zero budget event where Nataly put together a borrowed projector and a bedsheet for her first community presentation. Her natural flair & strength can inspire delight to all entrepreneurs struggling to get their first users & customers.


    We sit down today with Ricardo Ramos Soto, a community manager at Airbnb. In his own words, Ricardo engages and activates Airbnb Hosts at the local and regional levels in a wide variety of advocacy work, political and legislative solutions, healthy and sustainable tourism, and corporate decision-making.

    People Development Manager - Uber

    Our mission at Bukit Vista is to inspire delight through hospitality innovations that positively transforms our employees. To learn more about positive employee transformation, we brought in Fabricio Bustos today to discuss leadership & employee development. Fabricio brings us through the innovative & fast moving culture at Uber, where a huge emphasis was placed on leadership development & diversity/inclusion programs. We explore the right way to setup HR teams that leads to inspired employees.

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