Company Overview: Welcome to Bukit Vista!

img Jey Bukitvista | September 13, 2023

This Employee Handbook is designed to provide you with information on the company’s key procedures and policies, as well as, outline the company’s culture.

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Letter from the CEO

Hey! Welcome there! How is it going?

My name is Jing and I’m the founder of Bukit Vista. Our company is looking to do something extraordinary! We’re innovating hospitality practices starting here from Bali, and what we are trying to do is to inspire delight – everywhere – everyone – every time.

At Bukit Vista, we believe in nurturing our people and bringing out the best in them. We encourage one another to step on toes, to never settle, to help others first, to be transparent, to fail fast, to be the hero and to pay attention to the details.

Great! That’s pretty much it then!

Hope you have fun in your time here at Bukit Vista!

Bukit Vista’s Core Business ZERO Management Fee

Transforming Property Into Valuable Asset

In today’s digital economy, there is no saying as “short of choice”. Equally attractive firms are vying for your attention — and while we respect that, we often wondered,

“How else can we create even more value and better inspire delight?”

Please watch the video below to understand Bukit Vista’s core business and value proposition.

Our Professional Services

  • Strategic Price Analysis
    • We use top of the line data-driven market intelligence to optimize the market. Our skilled employees use the latest tools and techniques to set the most competitive prices and maximize occupancy, every time.
  • Sales and Marketing Optimization
    • Our marketing team will spare no expense and effort to get your property seen and heard.
  • Guest Relations
    • Our guest relations team will tirelessly make sure to provide the best service to guests, from the start of a shift, until the very end.
  • Community and Onsite Staff Training
    • Our experts make sure that your staff are properly trained in a wide variety of hospitality fields. We also make sure to do random checks to make sure that training holds.
  • House Keeping and Maintenance
    • Keeping your property in mint condition is second nature to us. flowers, towel folding, origami… Have an usual request to make the special occasion extra special? Consider it done.
  • Real-Time Reporting
    • Be in the loop always. Keep your property on track 24.7 with our real-time monitoring application.

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