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img Jey Bukitvista | September 13, 2023

Culture is a thousand things, a thousand times.”

Paul Graham, Y Combinator, Mentor of Airbnb founders

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What kind of culture do we want to achieve?

The type of culture that we have here at Bukit Vista would be that of Trust, Hard Work, Innovation, Delight, and that of happiness. We are a Work-from-home company with a flexible schedule. All our employees here at BV are hard working individuals who demonstrate a Growth, Self-learning, and a Bias To Action mindset by maintaining positivity and representing the core values. We like to get our work done and have the time to enjoy life as well.

Here, we take our employees well-fare seriously, and we value the contributions that each and every one of them brings to the table.

How have we done that so far?

All Hands Recognition

Here at Bukit Vista, effort is appreciated & results are rewarded.

Here’s a video of our team members recognizing the hard work of their peers in the all hands meeting attended by everyone.

Happy Hour

After a long week of working, relax with your team and get to know them with fun activities of the week!


Career & Professional Networking Opportunities

When joining Bukit Vista, we know that our fresh employees will one day be industry leaders. We want to see you grow and learn from your journey with us.

We also provide professional networking opportunities.


We are a fully work-from-home company, and with that being so, our employees are empowered to make their own schedules and their own goals to follow.

CEO of Airbnb, Brian Chesky explains culture & how to get a startup rolling


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