Bukit Vista Releases a New Version of OSAI

img Adiel Bukitvista | March 29, 2023

Jimbaran, Bali. OSAI is short for Operations Supervision Artificial Intelligence. It is a knowledge management tool that works like a chatbot. Everytime operational team needs an answer regarding property information, they can ask OSAI and it will respond in seconds. This increases the operation team response rate by 80% because it usually takes minutes to find what they are looking for.

OSAI helps Bukit Vista achieve our last semester target for $1,000,000 revenue and 4.5 stars hospitality rating on Airbnb. Not bad for a bootstrap startup and a tool developed by our local university students.

Previously, this is how OSAI work :

As the most innovative hospitality company, Bukit Vista develops OSAI to be a better knowledge management tool through the integration with butler. Here is how OSAI develops:

With the new system, it will help develop OSAI to be smarter as it gets knowledge from our database and team who filled in the answer.

For Immediate Release,
Bukit Vista Public Relation Contact
WhatsApp: +62 813-9146-5175

Email: pr@bukitvistabali.com

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