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img | February 14, 2023

Hello property developers! 

I am Furqon, a Bukit Vista storyteller. I have great news that will definitely interest you. Read it more below

Opportunity for property market in Bali

As Bali reopens to the world, its beauty would never fail to attract millions of tourists from across the globe. It is represented by the data that approximately 1.7 million tourists visited Bali in the last semester. These tourists come with so many different reasons; some of them are taking a short escape, some of them are doing work remotely and being digitally nomad, some of them are spending the rest of their lives and retiring peacefully. Whatever the reason is, they all need the same thing; an accommodation to stay. 

The higher needs of the accommodation opens the wider opportunity for a property market in Bali. In most locations, the value of properties increased by 20% per year, while in more well known areas (like Canggu, Seseh, and Bukit) the increase could reach 40%. Not to mention, countless options for lands and prices would be very advantageous for property developers in targeting different investor’s demographics and interests. Seeing this momentum, property developers have been busy developing new projects. They start inviting investors to come. However, it has never been easy to secure investors. They would be asking thousands of things to make sure they would get the most profitable investment, moreover after knowing 80% of land in Bali is overpriced. This left a lot of homework for property developers, not only they have to develop astonishing properties, but also think about how to make sure the properties they developed can clearly make the investment stream for the investors. 

What Bukit Vista offer?

To solve the problem, nowadays property developers are looking for cooperation with property managers. Property developers have the ability in building properties, but might not have the skills to maintain the properties. On the contrary, property managers have the knowledge to maintain and maximize the investment of properties, but they do not have the right skillset to build properties.

property owners requesting villa management service consultation in Bali
Bukit Vista CEO, Jing Cho Yang discussion with property partner

That is what Mr. Jing – the CEO of Bukit Vista – has been discussing with one of his potential clients. Several days back, Mr. Jing got a call from one of the property developers in Bali who is interested in working with Bukit Vista. Showing their eagerness, they drove 2 hours down the road to meet him personally in the Bukit Vista office in Jimbaran. The discussion was enlightening for him because he was introduced to the new game in property management. Bukit Vista usually takes a unique and individual property owner to be partnered with. Now we were given the potential opportunity to manage a cluster of properties.

On the other hand, the client was interested to cooperate with Bukit Vista because we offer these outstanding services.

1. Data driven management

Bukit Vista uses data to measure the property performance and adjust the best pricing for certain conditions. It will help increase the property’s monthly accuracy rate up to 60% and help the investors to get the ROI faster.

Bukit Vista team doing revenue projection for managed properties

2. Community expert connection

Bukit Vista helps property developers get their properties set faster and better with a variety of real estate agents, contractors, designers, architects that have been developed throughout 10+ years experience in the market. Bukit Vista basically has any network that property developers might need.

3. Consistently innovate

As Bukit Vista aims to be the most innovative hospitality company, Bukit Vista consistently delivers new ways to manage its properties; from developing an exclusive app, doing automation on dynamic pricing, and creating a smart chatbot to serve guests better. These innovations are ready to be deployed for investors in gaining the highest ROI for Bali property investment.


The cooperation between property developers and managers is the new breakthrough in the property market. They both can be equally benefited from it. However, this does not mean Bukit Vista is closing its market to individual property owners, it is just Bukit Vista expanding its wings into a new direction to achieve the goal of becoming the leading property managers in Bali.

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